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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Trouble With Dieting – Have Realistic Expectations

Weight Loss Tip - Eat Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

No doubt you’re really excited about finally achieving the weight loss you want and you should be – it is achievable. However, some runners subconsciously gear themselves up for failure before they have even started without even realising it.

The reason for this?….Unrealistic expectations.

Some people will start running thinking “Great I’m running, I’ll lose 10 pounds per week in my first month!” Of course it’s great to be excited and positive about what you’re doing, but you’ll having a much higher chance of succeeding if you focus on realistic weight loss goals.

Current thinking is that sustainable weight loss is achieved by losing 1 to 2 lbs per week. This may be higher in the earlier stages of your weight loss program particularly if you are very overweight, but the key is to focus on the long term goal.

And what is your long term goal? To take the weight off and keep it off permanently. That’s the aim.

The reason that aiming for small amounts over a longer period works is because it requires only modest changes to your diet. Crash dieting to lose weight faster will ultimately jeopardize your efforts as we have already discussed. You’ll feel hungry, tired, depressed and you won’t be able to exercise effectively and this leads to….


However, by making a modest change to your daily calorie intake for a sustained period you will be able to achieve permanent weight loss and still exercise effectively. AND because you haven’t starved yourself you won’t swing back to bad eating habits and put the weight back on.

So now that we’re talking about making modest changes (and not starvation, hunger and misery!) let’s take a look at some of the simple to follow rules for running and weight loss

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