Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Chapter 1: Non-Stop Motivation!

Non-Stop Motivation……okay, In this First Chapter Of The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss you will discover the actual steps that you will have to take to create what I have been calling Non-Stop Motivation!

This is without a doubt, the most important section of my site. Everything else that I have written about, is more or less the basics and fundamentals of proper nutrition and exercise.

While obviously, the proper nutrition and exercise is what helps you to “burn off” the unwanted body fat inside of your fat cells, the actual PROCESS that you use to lose unwanted body fat does not build momentum, and does not help you to keep going through the hardest parts of yourweight loss program.

The information that you will find in this section DOES, and this is what makes it UNIQUE. It is the Secret To Permanent Fat Loss! This is exactly what has helped me to go from weighing 285 pounds to reaching my ideal body weight of 175 pounds in one year!

It is also the never-ending energy that has been helping me to maintain this ideal body weight for over 15 years.

And now, I am going to reveal this Secret to you, so that you can also use it to create THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS!

Probably like most people, you have heard these kinds of promises before, but let me assure you that what I am about to reveal to you, is totally different, and will help you to produce the RESULTS that you have been dreaming about!

The last thing that I want to mention, is that this approach can help you to produce ANY end-result that is important to you. It is not a motivation strategy that only works for creating permanent fat loss.

With That Said, Let’s Start The Journey And Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

Below you will find links to the summary of the first chapter from The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss. This information will help you to produce the never-ending energy that is necessary for you to go from where you are right now, to where you want to be in the near future when you hit the main target that you will be aiming at!

1) This Effective Goal Setting article is Chapter One — Part 1. On this page you will discover the first steps that you have to take in your weight loss journey, and will find out why simply setting goals is not what the First Chapter is really all about!

2) The Creating A Single Minded Focus article is Chapter One — Part 2. On this page you will find the most important reason why the majority of people can’t reach and then maintain their ideal weight in the long term. And, in addition to this I will explain how my Non-Stop Motivation strategy was created!

3) The Article Concepts And Beliefs is Chapter One — Part 3. On this page you will see how to create an advancing structure, and discover your beliefs and concepts are not what will help you to reach and then maintain your ideal body weight for life!

4) The How To Create A Vision article is Chapter One — Part 4. On this page you will learn exactly how to discover what you truly want and desire. This is the first step toward creating the body of your dreams!

5) The Observe Your Current Circumstances article is Chapter One — Part 5. On this page you will discover the most important part of creating the Non-Stop Motivation in your weight loss program!

6) The Creating Your Action Steps article is Chapter One — Part 6. On this page you will discover some of the most powerful techniques that will help you to take action without ever quitting or giving up! 
I am currently in the process of publishing this content on my site, and should be finished shortly.

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