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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Ideal Body Weight

What is my ideal body weight? This is another frequently asked question, that I am asked on a regular basis.

It is definitely an important question, because when you are starting yourweight loss program it is a very good idea to have a target that you will be aiming at.


The best way to calculate ideal weight is by using your current body weight, lean body mass, and body fat percentage.

Skinfold testing will give you the most accurate estimate of your overallbody fat percentage.

Once you know your body fat percentage you simply multiply your total body weight by your body fat percentage and you will get your total body fat weight.

Once you know your body fat weight, then you can calculate your lean body mass by subtracting your total body fat weight from your current body weight.

In the weight loss tracker section I fully explain how to calculate your ideal weight one step at a time.

And in the section weight loss chart you will find how to create your weeklyweight loss chart to keep track of your weight loss on a weekly basis.

Once you have created your weight loss chart, interpreting your ideal weight chart section will help you to adjust your approach based on the results that you get every week.

To get a fast calculation of your ideal weight, this weight loss calculatorcan be used, but take into account this is only an estimate, without lean body mass and total fat weight, it will not be very accurate.

Updated: February 19, 2014 — 5:38 am

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