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How to Stay Slim After Weight Loss

After weeks of sacrifice and commitment, reaching your weight goal is a heady experience and you’ll feel powerful, unstoppable and in charge of your life. That is a well-deserved feeling at this “power point” in your diet, but also a time to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you hid yourself under that layer of fat in the first place!

It was after I had reached week nine on my Medi-weight loss Program that I reached my power point. It was when I felt the safety cocoon, which I had been living in during my overeating, cracked open, and I was ready to emerge as that butterfly I had become.

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After You’ve Lost Weight, Ask the Hard Questions:

My work was not done, but I had been diligent and committed for over two months and was still feeling strong. I was making changes and living life in ways that would improve my health, appearance and mental well-being. And it was WORKING! I believe it is at this “power point” stage in a weight-loss program, that every dieter must stop and ask themselves the following hard questions:

1. Why was I overeating?

2. Have my friends and family helped me or hurt me when it comes to my diet?

3. What bad foods are my weaknesses?

4. What are my eating triggers?

5. Why do I want to make this weight loss and healthy eating a permanent change in my life?

6. What have I learned from this weight loss journey?

Of course asking the tough questions is not enough. Finding the answer to each one will enlighten the person who dares to ask them. I asked myself these questions after losing thirty pounds at around week nine of my Medi-weight loss program. I hope that by sharing my answers, you might find yourself in some of the answers and become inspired to get busy doing own work. Here are the answers that I discovered about myself.

Why was I overeating

I was depressed after failed marriages and relationships, a change of jobs and even loss of a few close friendships. I had slipped into a dark abyss and stopped doing things I had enjoyed in my slimmer days and that worsened the situation. Food became my friend, lover, comfort and crutch. When I was bored or lonely I grabbed a snack and sat in front of the TV or computer and lost myself in the comfort of the food.

I still enjoy some television and the computer, (and food), but I’ve learned that I had looked at food as either boring nourishment or enjoyment followed by guilt, one or the other. As I was losing weight on the Medi-weight loss Program, I was learning to prepare and love new, healthier food choices (using the glycemic index) both at home and when eating out. And at my power point, I realized I had learned how to combine nourishment and enjoyment in my eating, without the guilt.

Did my friends and family help me or hurt me when it came to my weight lossprogram?

I realized that I had friends and family members that did both. I knew who might tempt me and who would encourage me to stay on track. And most importantly, I had to become my own best friend and make up my mind that THEY could do what they want, but I needed to stay on track. I found needed support from my new friends in the Medi-weight loss Staff, which was a motivating factor that helped me go the course.

What bad foods are my weakness?

I love food, so I could list many foods that aren’t the best choices for me any longer, but there are only a few that I had been abusing and felt addicted to. They were: Safeway’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream that I seemed to eat during The Bachelorette or some other “love” based TV show, red licorice to nibble on as I drove or worked writing an article, buttered popcorn during a good or bad movie, and pretzels and sour cream as I played scrabble online. Carbs, carbs, and more bad carbs! Those comfort foods were at the top of that bad food list and they were killing my body and my spirit. Before I ever eat any of these foods again, I will need a plan and show portion control restraint!

What are my food triggers?

I turned to food after spending an evening in the company of other couples, feeling like the fifth wheel. I turned to food when my favorite TV shows came on or I played online. I turned to food when I was bored or lonely. And, as crazy as it sounds, shopping at Walgreens and Target were triggers for me, because I would make sure to take a trip down the snack/candy isles of both of these stores and pick up a bag of red licorice or gummy Life Savers and a box of microwave popcorn. It was like a carb compulsion, but I am happy that I no longer feel that compulsion. In fact, I have to laugh at the absurdity of it! But I also have to recognize the reality of the triggers that support the pull of those comfort foods.

Why do I want to make this weight loss and healthy eating a permanent change in my life?

I want to be healthy and feel good about myself. I want to be comfortable in my skin. I want to feel confident to date again and find real love someday. I want to always fit into the mainstream and be “average” when shopping for clothes. I want to feel in control. I need these things for the rest of my life, not just temporarily. I have these statements on my refrigerator so that I can renew my commitment to eating right every day.

What have I learned from this weight loss journey?

I learned compassion for others who are overweight or trying to lose weight. I had never been as overweight as I was before Medi-Weight loss, and I know I had some superficial attitudes about “fat”. I now know how a fat person feels inside, because I have been inside one. It doesn’t matter if its thirty pounds or a hundred, when someone is enveloped in all that fat, they can feel lost, invisible, unloved and undervalued. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, accomplished or genuine we are inside, we feel the judgement people are making about us by how we look on the outside. Having felt that, I will never judge someone again because of their size.

I also learned that there are lots of food choices that taste good and satisfy me when I am hungry. I learned to eat because I am hungry, not because I am lonely or bored. I learned to shop wisely and not be my own worst tempter. When I open the kitchen cabinet now, I have a selection of low glycemic food that I can eat and feel good about eating, without guilt! And finally, I learned the importance of portion control, the benefits of drinking water and made it a habit to move my body more.

Thanks to Medi-Weight loss, I have learned how to get my weight under control and, in the process, I learned about myself as well. At this point I know I am a better friend to myself and, hopefully, an inspiration to others who want to make a change in their lives. If losing weight is on your agenda, I recommend finding a program that focuses on health and well-being, not just becoming skinny.

I also recommend marking your calendar so that when you reach your “power point” you can ask and answer the hard questions too. You could ask these questions before you start your diet, but you will learn a few things about yourself during your power point, that you didn’t know at week one, and this insight might help you stay the new slimmer, healthier you!

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