Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Healthy Fats

People have always thought that fats in their food are bad for their health and will make them overweight. Yes like in everything else regarding food too much off fat will do you harm. But there are some fats which will do you a lot of good, and your body can not operate properly without them. We are taking about omega 3 fatty acids.

These fats are vital for your body because your body can not produce them so we must make sure to eat them with our food. We can find them in nuts, fishes, olive oil or we can simply but them as a food supplements. You have probably heard what these “healthy” fats do for your health and your overall felling.

Heat related diseases:

Positive effects of these fats were confirmed by many independent studies. Fats help you keep your blood vessels free and your blood can circulate which reduces chances for heart stroke. Some studies have shown that healthy fats reduce chances for heart diseases for 80 percent. Studies has also shown that regular use of fats help you reduce your cholesterol for 50 percent. They also help with high blood pressure.


Researches have discovered that people who use healthy fats have less chances to get a cancer. Women have less chances to get breast cancer.


People with diabetes have almost six times higher chance for heart attack as oppose to healthy people. Research have shown that regular use of omega 3 fats help reduce mortality by up to 30 percent. Also healthy fats help in early stages of diabetes and may help to stop this disease.

Losing weight:

Healthy fats helps you lose your weight. They help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels in normal levels. These two have important role in losing your weight. Keeping normal levels of blood sugar is important because it gives you the feeling that you do not need to eat. So you do not eat so much during the day.

Do not be afraid of these healthy fats they will do you more good than harm. So enrich your food with these healthy fats and you will feel good and see results.

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