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Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods, is this a myth or reality? After reading this article you will know the whole truth!

In reality, there is no such thing as a food that “actually” burns off body fat. There are nutrition strategies that can be used to help your body “burn” the actual calories that are inside of the food that you consume on a daily basis.

And if you create a calorie deficit at the end of the day be eating these foods, your body will be forced to burn off some of the “unwanted body fat” that you currently have to make up for this deficit.

This can be accomplished by combining certain foods together in your daily meals. So “indirectly” there are foods that can actually help your body to burn body fat!

In the end, total calories burned, is all that really matters when it comes to losing unwanted body fat. And this is exactly what the foods in this article can help you to accomplish!

To create a lean, healthy body and reach your ideal weight, the best nutrition approach that you can use is to consume foods that have a high thermic effect.

These include lean protein, natural starchy complex carbohydrates, natural fibrous complex carbohydrates, and some of the the “so-called” negative calorie foods.

So, the focus in an effective weight loss nutrition strategy is on consuming food that will force your body to burn more calories, and not really on burning body fat directly.

The part with burning body fat directly, is important, but this is what cardio training is for.

If you eat food with a high thermic effect, and use cardio training on a regular basis, creating a lean, healthy body and reaching your ideal weight will become a complete reality!

But before we cover the so-called fat burning foods that have a high thermic effect I would like to say something about calories…


To create long term weight loss, calories are the most important element that must be taken into account. If you consume too many calories during the day, you will simply gain weight.

In the calorie counter article you will discover exactly how to count the calories that are in the food that you consume on a daily basis!

When it comes to calorie consumption it “does not” really matter if these calories will come from fat burning foods or not! This is very important to understand, because there are diet plans that ignore this fact!

If you do not consume enough calories, you will lose weight, but this will only be temporary! As soon as your organism senses that your daily calorie intake is lower than what it needs to function properly, it will trigger its defense mechanisms.

This will lead to an increase in appetite, and massive cravings for food. If you attempt to use your willpower to override these signals, your body will start to slow down its calorie burning ability to compensate for the calorie deficit that is created by the low calorie consumption.

The first thing that it will do is to start burning your muscle as an energy source. Since muscle is a metabolically active tissue, and you body needs to expand its energy (calories) to maintain it, this is one of the most effective ways for it to slow down your metabolism.

This is the major reason why low calorie dieting does not work in the long run. Eventually you reach the point where your organism triggers the starvation response and you either quit your diet right there and then, or it will start burning your muscle and will lower its calorie needs if you decide to overpower the signals using your willpower.


When low calorie diets do not work, some people turn to fad dieting, where you manipulate your nutrient ratio intake and try to consume a large amount of a certain nutrient in order to achieve long term weight loss.

This strategy eventually backfires also, because when your body does not receive a moderate amount of all the nutrients it needs it will once again trigger its defense mechanisms and the end result will be similar to a low calorie diet.

Low calorie and fad dieting have a flaw in their design. They do not take into account that our bodies simply can’t be manipulated in the long term.

This is why dieting has a failure rate of 95%, and these statistics seem to be holding up for many years now. This diet path is not effective and eventually always leads to a reversal.

In fact, dieting without exercise is the number one reason for such a high failure rate. You are always better of eating moderate amounts of food and exercising, than trying to diet off body fat!


The ultimate approach to long term weight loss is to use a moderate approach. This means that your daily calorie intake should be very close to the amount that your body needs to function properly.

This can be calculated using the TDEE formula, which will give you a very accurate total daily energy expenditure, or what is also called your maintenance daily calorie intake.

This is where your calorie intake and your calorie expenditure is equal. These are the calories that you must consume on a daily basis to maintain your current weight.

Your next step is to choose the optimum nutrient ratio for your body type, and make all of your meals using these numbers.

In the healthy diet plan article you will find exactly how to do this. From my experience the best place to start is with the 50-30-20 nutrient ratio, where 50% of your daily calories come from protein, 30% from protein and 20% from dietary fat.

This a moderate approach, and for most endomorph dominant body types using this nutrient ratio produces the best results.

When creating your meals using this nutrient ratio, the fat burning foods will help you to move in the direction of creating permanent fat loss. 


The so-called fat burning foods, have a high thermic effect, and force your organism to work really hard during the digestion process. This helps to create a calorie deficit, and is very important for long term weight loss.

Protein is the food that has the highest thermic effect, with about 30% of the calories being burned during the digestion, processing and utilization of this nutrient.

Your body has to expand a lot of energy (calories) to digest and process protein, and this is why it is considered one of the best fat burning foods.

A high protein intake is also the main reason why low-carb diets are so effective, and help many people to lose weight.

Make sure to read the low carb diet section, to find out why this approach is an advanced nutrition strategy, and should be avoided by people that have problems with their liver and/or kidneys.


The next fat burning foods with a high thermic effect is natural complex carbohydrates. They are also considered to be fat burning foods and about 15% of the calories that come from this nutrient get burned off during the digestion and utilization process.

Examples of the starchy complex carbs are potatoes, cereals, grains, bread, pasta, rice, oats, wheat and beans.

Your body is able to completely absorb and digest all the caloric energy in starches, therefore the calorie density of starch is higher than fiber.

The fibrous complex carbs are the green vegetables. The dietary fiber is not digested, and passes through your digestive tract, without all the calorie energy being absorbed.

When you consume your meals using a moderate 50-30-20 nutrient ratio, there will be a calorie deficit that is created. This deficit is produced because protein and complex carbohydrates have a high thermic effect.

This calorie deficit will force your body to use unwanted body fat as an energy source, and little by little your fat cells will start to shrink in size.

Eventually you will be able to create a lean, healthy body and achieve your ideal weight.

But there are two very important distinctions that must be made. First, you have to consume your daily maintenance calorie intake, and second you have to use an effective meal frequency/timing on a regular basis.

The most effective meal frequency/timing approach for endomorphs is to eat four average size meals, every four hours. This allows you to eat normal size portions, and never experience hunger during the day

In the end, I want to say that by consuming the fat burning food like lean protein and complex carbohydrates, you will reach your ideal weight in the fastest time possible.

Doing cardio on a regular basis, will increase this whole process, and in the near future you will become a proud owner of a lean, healthy body! 


First I want to cover negative calorie foods, and give you an expanded listof these fat burning foods so that you can have a wide assortment if you choose to consume them at some time during your weight loss program.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this negative calorie approach, and this is why I want to let you know that there is nothing magical in these foods.

To create the body of your dreams will take a lot more than just eating certain types of foods.

They do have their place in an effective long term weight loss program, but they must be consumed at the right time and in the right amounts.

Another approach that is popular is to consume low calorie food, and by doing this it is believed by many to bring long term weight loss results.

This might produce some results, but just like negative calorie foods, their effects mostly work in the short term.

The best approach when it comes to the so-called fat burning foods is to focus on the ones that increase your metabolism naturally, and force your body to burn more calories.

It is important to understand that there are no foods that burn fat, there are only foods that have a high thermic effect.

This list of 15 fat burning foods contains the ultimate collection of food that can produce amazing results when consumed in the right amounts, at the right time, and with the right frequency.

This expanded list of fat burning foods will help you to choose from a wide assortment of produce to make all of your meals while you are in the weight loss phase of your program.

Many people once they reach their ideal weight keep creating their meals using this list. The reason is simple by eating these foods you can create a calorie deficit without a lot of effort.

In this fat burning recipes article, I explain how to make the perfect meals using your daily calorie intake, and since calories is the most important element of weight loss, making the perfect sized meals can produce amazing results.

In that article I cover the exact steps to creating the perfect sized meal taking into account calories, nutrient ratios and meal frequency.

In the food that burn fat section of the site I also explain how to use food and exercise to produce long term results, because simply using a nutrition approach works only in the short term.

Consuming metabolism boosting food and doing weight training can also produce so impressive results, and in that section you will find the answer to how these foods help you maintain and eventually build new muscle.

Consuming natural and unrefined food to lose weight is a very effective technique and should be one of your first steps when starting out with your weight loss program.

By including the fat burning foods soup diet review in this section I wanted to show you what not to do when trying to use food as a way to burn unwanted body fat.

The fat burning foods soup recipe explains how the soup is actually made so that you have the full picture of this approach.

And in the fat burning soup 7-day eating plan I cover the steps that this plan suggests for you to take to lose massive amounts of body fat.

This information is included here for information purposes and I want to make sure that you understand that using this approach is not something that I would ever recommend to anyone.

In the end I want to say that there are three important elements of an effective nutrition strategy, and they are your daily calorie intake, the nutrient ratios that you use, and how frequent you eat your meals during the day.

If you are using a strategy that does not take into account these three elements it will not produce long term results.

From my experience very few plans explain how to focus on all three simultaneously, and this is why there is such a high failure rate in the area of weight loss.

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