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Fad Diets | Why You Should Avoid Them

In this article about Fad Diets you will find out why you should avoid 99.9% of these temporary weight loss strategies like the plague — if you want to reach and then maintain your ideal body weight for life!

First, let’s start with the answer to the question…what is a fad diet? Usually these temporary weight loss approaches popularity comes and goes within a short period of time.

Many of these nutrition strategies are created by authors of books that claim to have found the path that leads to the creation of irreversible, long-term weight loss success!


But when their diets fail to produce long term results, the authors fade away never to be heard off again.

A few of these diets have been successful at producing excellent short term results and attracting a massive following, even after many years of being released.

What makes these approaches very similar is that they use macro-nutrient manipulations with low calorie intakes to produce weight loss results.

Just like conventional low calorie dieting, fad dieting is completely focused on scale weight as a measurement of weight loss success!

Many of these fad diets do produce quick weight loss, but this weight mostly comes from your body’s muscle and water, and not your body fat.

Since this distinction is not made, and, in fact “ignored completely” by the people who created these short term weight loss approaches — many dieters that use these fad diets are actually quite happy with the results in the beginning of their weight loss program!

Why fad dieting continues to attract a following?


A promise of a quick, fast and permanent weight loss is one of the main reason why many of these diets continue to be popular. Obviously, the second is that the majority of these approaches also promise weight lossresults without you having to do any exerise at all!

Since this is exactly what most people want when it comes to weight loss, it seems that these short term strategies will continue to be used over and over, even though they have a 99.9% failure rate, at least when it comes to producing long term fat loss results!

Since most people do not know that it is important to make a distinction between weight loss and fat loss, they continue to fall for these types of approaches.

To create a lean, healthy body your weight loss “must” come mostly from the body fat that is currently stored in your fat cells, — and not from the muscle and water in your body! If you lose muscle and water, instead of body fat, your weight loss will always be only temporary!

Since the majority of these diets use extreme macro-nutrient ratios combined with low calorie intakes, most people can’t stick with these diets for very long!

The reason for this is very simple!

When your daily calorie intake is low and you do not provide your organism with a moderate amount of carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat, your body will force you to give up this approach by triggering its defense mechanisms.

The increased appetite, massive cravings for food and an uncontrollable hunger will make you quit your diet and go back to eating normal size meals with a wide variety of foods.

The consequences of fad dieting!


After the low calorie consumption, and using a macro-nutrient manipulation technique, your body will not be working as efficiently as it was before you started using any of these “in-effective” nutrition strategies.

When you start eating normal amounts of food after going off your diet, you will quickly gain back all the weight that you lost. If you have been following a low carb diet, this weight gain will be so quick, you will not know what even hit you!

Many fad diets lead to muscle loss, which always slows down your metabolism. When your metabolism slows down your body burns less calories during the day!

When you burn less calories, what was once your maintenance daily calorie intake becomes a calorie surplus. This means that once you start eating normal amounts of food, this calorie surplus will simply be converted to unwanted body fat!

In the long run, fad dieting is really just as ineffective as low calorie dieting at producing long term fat loss results.

What both of these approaches are really effective at, is creating massive weight gain after you quit your diet, and start eating normal amounts of food once again!

Fad Diet Reviews!


There are many of these nutrition strategies, and I will cover the most popular below! In this Zone Diet article you will discover everything about this low carb, low calorie approach. This is probably one of the best fad diets that I have ever seen, and if some adjustments are made, especially with the daily calorie intakes, I have to be honest — and say that it can actually produce some excellent, long term fat loss results.

This is the only fad diet that probably should not be really considered a “fad.” In that article, where I cover everything about this nutrition strategy,you will find out why!

In this Atkins Diet article you will read about this popular fad diet, that use a low carb, high protein intake to attempt to burn off unwanted body fat.This is the diet I would recommend to stay away from at all costs, if you want to make sure that you don’t ruin your health!

In this South Beach Diet article you will find the information about this low cab diet, which is quite popular these days.

And, in this Pritikin Diet article I cover everything about this low fat diet, which many people have attempted to use to produce weight loss results,but discovered that low fat intakes always lead to an increase in appetite.

And whenever you are hungry on a daily basis, and walk around thinking about nothing but food, long term fat loss is an almost impossible goal to acccomplish!

If fad diets don’t work, what effective fat loss approach should you use?


The best way to permanently lose unwanted body fat is by using proper nutrition with an effective exercise strategy!

Consume moderate amounts of natural, unprocessed carbohydrates, lean proteins and good dietary fat on a daily basis. Pay attention to your daily calorie intake, never consuming more or less than your body can realistically burn off during the day!

And always use cardio training to burn body fat directly and weight trainingto maintain your muscle mass while you are in the weight loss phase of your program.

In this weight loss tips article you will find a few answers, and also all the free information that I have published on my site for you to read, enjoy, and most important — “use” to create the kind of body that you truly deserve!

And, don’t forget to read the review of my weight loss system — The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss — that can help you to create the non-stop motivation “fuel” that is necessary to go through the hardest parts of yourweight loss journey!

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