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How To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

In this How To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau article you will discover why those last few pounds are the hardest to lose and why it will take a little more effort when you start getting closer and closer to reaching your ideal body weight.

There is no doubt that those last few pounds of unwanted body fat will be the hardest to lose. This “stubborn” fat your body views as a long term energy source, and it does not easily give it up!

What this means is if you want to reach a low body fat percentage you will have to make sure that you train harder and diet stricter!

There are also times when you will have to rest, instead of pushing harder. If you have hit a weight loss plateau because of over-training, taking a week off from exercising might be just the thing you need to break through a weight loss plateau.

So changing your approach does not always mean eating less and exercising more, it can be any combination of steps that will take you to the next level in your weight loss program.

Taking one step back, so that you can take two steps forward is what you will have to do in some cases. This is why it is always important to listen to your body, and never push it past a certain limit.

Since your body will eventually adapt to anything you throw at it, your job is to simply notice these warning signals by using your weekly chart, and make the necessary adjustments in your approach.

This is the main reason why I recommend using the weekly weight loss chart as the main tool for keeping yourself on track toward creating permanentfat loss. Without getting weekly feedback, you might be going in the wrong direction and not even know about it.

To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau, Make Sure That You Keep Changing The Nutrition And Exercise Techniques That You Are Using!

As soon as your body adapts to the current weight loss approach that you are using your weekly weight loss chart will reflect this. This simply means that the time has come to try something new in your weight loss program.

By frequently changing your nutrition and exercise approaches you will bypass the adaptation syndrome and will keep moving in the direction of creating your major health goal.

Always keep your eye on your weekly weight loss chart, and as soon as you see adaptation signals, simply change some of your variables in your nutrition, cardio or weight training.

Plus, once in a while, taking a week or two off, and resting from yourexercise workouts can also help you to break through the adaptation syndrome.

When you are just starting out with your program it might take a few months for this adaptation to take place, but as you start to reach the advanced level, most likely you will have to make changes in your program every three to four weeks.

In the nutrition, cardio and weight training sections I will cover all the possible adjustments that you can make to break through a weight loss plateau or the so-called adaptation syndrome.

Some of these I will explain in the next article, so that you have some ideas what techniques you can use in your weight loss program to take yourweight loss to the next level.

There are also many advanced strategies that you will learn in this manual that are very effective at breaking through a weight loss plateau.

These advanced techniques should be implemented only when you have mastered the basics and fundamental of proper nutrition and exercise. If you try to use them in the beginning of your program they can do more harm than good.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always adjust your approach as soon as your weekly weight loss chart starts to show a slow down in your progress.

Until this happens, it is always to your advantage to just keep doing what you were doing the previous week, without making any changes in your nutrition and exercise approaches.

The last article from Chapter 4 will cover the exact steps that can be taken to break through a weight loss plateau. When using an effective fat lossstrategy, making adjustments in your program is what will help you to create permanent fat loss in the fastest time possible!

From this page you can go back to the Main Weight Loss Charts Section of my site, and read the next article, or the other articles from the 4th Chapter of The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss.

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