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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Benefits To Exercise

There are so many benefits to exercise, that it sometimes makes me wonder why everyone is not using it on a regular basis!

The benefits of exercise are to “tremendously” improve your health, and when it comes to creating permanent fat loss, doing exercise is simply a must!

In this article, I will explain why physical activity is the key to burning off unwanted body fat, and the fastest way to shrink your fat cells, reach your ideal body weight, and then maintain it for life!

Since my site is focused on helping people to permanently lose the unwanted body fat that they currently have, the two approaches that I will cover in this article will be cardio training and weight training.

In this workout routines article, you will find everything that has to do with using cardiovascular exercises to “burn off” fat!

And in this weight loss workouts article you will discover why simple weight training workouts are one of the best fat loss approaches for both men and women!

To create the body of your dreams both of these strategies have to be used! The synergy that is created when you make these two physical activities are part of your weight loss program — is simply shocking!

Cardio training can tremendously improve your cardiovascular fitness and is definitely the ultimate secret for creating irreversible, long-term weight loss success!

Aerobics, when done correctly, directly burns unwanted body fat, and after each session you can honestly say that you are lighter than when you started!

From all of the benefits to exercise, the fact that cardio burns the most total calories during each session, especially when compared to other activities, is the most important benefit of all! This is especially true, if creating permanent fat loss is your major goal!

Even though weight training does not burn unwanted body fat directly, it helps your body to burn fat through indirect mechanisms. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, and your organism must expand energy (calories) to sustain it.

This means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn during the day. And, the more calories you burn, the more unwanted body fat you lose!

If your long term health goal is to first create a lean, healthy body, and then to maintain it for life, building new muscle is one of the best ways to accomplish this!

Both cardio and weight training have their own sections in my site. In those sections you will discover how to design your own exercise strategy thatwill help you to create permanent fat loss in the fastest time possible!

A few other benefits to exercise!

By using cardio training and weight training on a regular basis you will create a lean healthy body, and eventually reach your ideal weight! But, there are so many other benefits that you will reap when you make daily exercise a part of your lifestyle.

They include an increase in your energy levels, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol level, and a dramatic reduction in the risk of coronary artery disease! By exercising regularly you will also improve your sense of well-being and increase your self-esteem.

Many of the problems that come with aging, including increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, loss of muscle strength and flexibility, loss of bone mass, lower metabolism, lower reaction time, can be prevented, or at least minimized when you use cardio training and weight training on a regular basis.

The long term benefits to exercise are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.

These are four of the most important elements of physical fitness, and by using cardio and weight training on a daily basis, you will improve each one of these dramatically!

Benefits to exercise: Cardiovascular Endurance!

Without a doubt aerobics is the ultimate secret to achieving your ideal body weight and creating permanent fat loss! But it is also the path toward a high level of cardiovascular endurance!

If you want to create the body of your dreams and be truly fit, doing cardiovascular exercises on a regular basis is simply a must!

Cardiovascular endurance is the sustained ability of your heart, blood vessels, and blood to carry oxygen to your cells, the ability of your cells to produce oxygen, and the ability of your blood, once again, to carry away all the waste products that are produced during this process.

Every cell in your body requires oxygen to function properly, so in reality,using aerobics to condition your heart, lungs and circulatory system, is the most important element of creating a true feeling of well-being!

If you are serious about losing unwanted body fat, then I would recommend that you start doing cardio training on a regular basis, and once you reach your ideal weight, keep using it — to maintain it!

Benefits to exercise: Muscular Strength, Endurance, And Flexibility!

Weight training can be used by both men and women at any age.

The approach is the same for both sexes, the only difference is the actual weight that is used and the intensity with which you should work out.

Since many people are afraid to get too bulky, I would like to put you at ease, building new muscle is not an easy process, and it is totally under your control.

If you have reached a level that you are satisfied with, you can always adjust your approach and simply maintain your current muscle.

When combined with cardio training, weight training increases your strength, endurance and flexibility. It also increases your overall feeling of being fit like no other benefits to exercise can.

But the most important reason for using weight training during a weight lossprogram is to make sure that you don’t lose any of your muscle masswhile burning off unwanted body fat using cardio training and effective nutrition strategies!

As I mentioned before, muscle is a metabolically active tissue and your organism must expand energy (calories) to sustain it.

This means to keep your metabolism elevated, you must use weight training during your weight loss program on a regular basis.

Since permanent fat loss can only be created when you are in a calorie deficit, it is impossible to lose weight and build new muscle simultaneously.

The reason is simple, to build new muscle you have to be in a calorie surplus, consume the proper amount of protein and use heavier weights. While you losing unwanted body fat, you do not want to risk having the excess calories from eating more food than your body can burn off during the day!

This is why the most effective approach is first to reach your ideal weight, and then after reaching it, adjust your program to building new muscle.

This will increase your muscle mass, increase your body’s calorie burning ability and will help you to maintain your ideal weight in the long term.

While you are in the weight loss phase of your program, it is to your advantage to use weight training only for maintaining the current muscle that you have now, and not attempt to build additional muscle!

You will reap these benefits to exercise, only if you start to use it on a regular basis!


If you are asking yourself why should people exercise? — now you have a few answers. You can read a few more articles that I have written about exercise and weight loss. In this exercises for losing weight article you will find the best weight loss exercises.

In this exercises to lose weight quickly article you will discover a short list of the best exercises for losing unwanted body fat.

In this body toning exercises article you will discover why it is so important for women to combine cardio and weight training to create a lean, attractive body filled with health and vitality!

There are many benefits to exercise, but the most important one is thatexercise can help you to create the type of body that you can be truly proud of!

It does take motivation to use exercise on a regular basis, if it is not something that you like to do. Not wanting to exercise over an extended period of time, is the major reason that people don’t reap the benefits to exercise!

This might seem simple, but in real life, you do have to know how to keep yourself motivated so that you can use cardio training and weight training to create the body of your dreams!

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