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Here is a short story about me, and how my weight loss system was actually created

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My name is Alex Platups, and I created this site to to provide comprehensive information on what it truly takes to create permanent fat loss!

All the steps that you have to take to go from where you are right now to where you want to be when you reach your ideal weight — you will find on the pages of my site!

These fat-burning strategies are “free” for you to read and use in yourweight loss journey!

In reality there are three very important elements that can help you to shrink all of your fat cells — and help you to create a lean, attractive body filled with health and vitality.

They are motivation, proper nutrition, and exercise!

Here is a short story about me, how my weight loss system was actually created, and why these three elements are so important!

In 1986, after my 16th birthday I decided that I will lose a little weight using a “low-calorie” diet. I was about ten pounds overweight, and in those days I simply wanted a lean, healthy body with 6-pack abs.

After a few months, when the “low-calorie” diet failed to produce the desired results — I started using different fad diets and diet pills.

This was the beginning of a “vicious cycle” that lasted 8 years, where instead of losing the 10 pounds of unwanted body fat — I gained an additional 100 pounds — and went from weighing 185 pounds with 15% body fat to reaching 285 pounds with 44% body fat.

To be honest, this whole time I didn’t even notice that I was caught in this “vicious (weight loss/weight re-gain) cycle.” Each time I started using a “new” diet or a “new” diet pill — I really believed that “this time” it will work — and that I will finally reach my ideal body weight.

But, in 1994, after my 24th birthday I decided that I had enough. It finally became obvious to me that “diets” and “diet pills” were never going to help me reach my ideal body weight.

Actually, what made the biggest difference was my choice to stop ignoring the “reality” in my life. The scale showed that I weighed 285 pounds, the skin calliper showed that I had 44% body fat, and the mirror showed me a person that was very obese.

And the truth was this: I gained all this body fat by simply eating too much food. Yes, there were some days during the 8 years of dieting and usingdiet pills where I ate very little food and lost a few pounds.

But, there were so many days where I would consume “way more” calories than my body could realistically burn during the day. And as I looked back, I realized that I simply could not handle “the hunger” that was produced by my body while I was dieting or using diet pills.

The most important lesson that I learned from those 8 painful years is this: The only way to build irreversible, long-term weight loss success is on the strong foundation of “truth” and that trying to build it on the foundation of “lies” is like trying to build a skyscaper on the foundation of “quicksand.”

After learning this lesson the hard way, I made a choice to turn and look the “truth” straight in the eyes. By using an effective motivation strategy, proper nutrition and combining it with simple exercise I started walking down a new path, and little by little got myself back into shape.

I want to be completely honest with you — it was not an easy journey, but the “burning desire” to create a lean, healthy body, and to finally reach myideal weight helped me to lose over 110 pounds of unwanted body fat in just a little over 12 months.

When I finally reached my ideal body weight of 175 pounds with 10% body fat, I adjusted my approach, and continued to use proper nutrition and simple exercise to maintain this weight for life.

This was 15 years ago, and this whole time I have been able to maintain myideal weight, and have helped many other people all around the world to accomplish similar results.

To this day, I am 100% convinced that it is the “motivation strategy” that I used during my weight loss journey that helped me to create permanent fat loss. This is exactly why my weight loss system has a special module where I explain how you can use my “unique” motivation strategy to produce similar results for yourself!

You will not find this “motivation strategy” anywhere else. It is the “secret ingredient” that is 100% guaranteed to help you to produce the necessary “non-stop motivation” to reach and then maintain your ideal body weight for life!

If you truly have a desire to reach and then maintain your ideal body weightfor life I would recommend that you take a few minutes and read the The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss review page to find out what it will take for you to create the body of your dreams in the fastest time possible. 

Good luck to you, and thanks for visiting my site!

Alex Platups

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