Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Yoga For Weight Loss

Welcome back to the second video of yoga for weight loss. To be perfectly honest with you, your weight, how much you are, is dependent on, the food that you’re putting into your body. Your shape how your form looks, is dependent on the motions that you do with your body and how you habitually hold yourself.

If you hold yourself open then your shoulders set a certain way, the muscles will start to develop a certain way and if you do different activities to strengthen your body you’ll strengthen the muscles in different ways. That’s why a cyclist looks different than a runner, looks different than someone who does crossfire, looks different from someone who does pilates, looks different than someone who practices yoga.

So to be perfectly honest, this video would be more appropriately titled Yoga for toning. So that’s what were going to do today, Yoga for weight loss, but really, yoga for toning. And by the way, I’m really stoked to announce the handstand course. A while ago, we mentioned that we were going to put out a series for how to practice handstand and I finally put it together, I spent sometime and put together some sequences and some practices that I use to help me to balance in a hand stand.

So if you’re interested sign up for the email list, we’re going to offer a discount to the people who sign up on the email list for the handstand course. You can do that on my website yoga with Tim. Come and were going to be going live with the course on my site in just a couple of weeks. Alright begin standing. So we’re gonna do a few standing warm ups to raise the cardiovascular level and help with joint mobility.

Start with your feet hip distance apart. So as I mentioned we want to have good posture so that we’re developing the muscles appropriately. Take a moment to stand tall, and in fact,close your eyes and feel what it’s like to stand balanced over your ankles. You’re not leaned back, you’re not leaned forward. keeping that line, tall over your ankles,open your eyes.

Then we’re just gonna start standing marching, lifting one knee then the other, and as you’re marching practice standing up tall. So you’re using your core muscled to lift through your spine, to help to nourish the spine and strength it. and then were gonna add some arm movements to help to get the heart pumping so stretch the arms forward,out to the sides, up over head.

Warm up your shoulders forward, to the side,up over head. Don’t worry it’s not gonna get super Jane Fonda we’re gonna be able to do some yoga poses too. Ok so you’re probably able to start to feel some heat in your body, maybe you can feel yourself starting to work up a little perspiration.

Alright, then take the feet hip distance apart,bring your knuckles to your temples thumbs pointing down. Exhale look down bring your elbows in spread your upper back inhale open up wide. Exhale draw in, inhale open wide exhale drawing. inhale open up wide. The interlock your fingers and inhale lift your heals rain your arm up turn the palms.

Exhale come back down, inhale twist to the right, exhale, inhale to the left. Change the interlock, inhale reach up, exhale come down, inhale to the right, exhale come down, inhale to the left, exhale come down. stretch your arms out turns he palms to face up and start to make little circles with your arms backward.

turn the thumbs down and make little circles inward. Still stay tall through your spine, try not to let yourself hunch over. The keep going inward and make big circles with your arms, and other way, turn the palms and make big circles back. Then bring your right knee up and make a little sweeping motion with your foot to help to loosen the hip, and then lower the knee halfway,like you’re sweeping the floor with your foot, and then bring the knee up and make the sweeping motion, and the practicing balance with he leg straight make the sweeping motion.

Practice standing tall through your mid line,so that your working on strengthening your core and posture, then change sides. So knee up at hip height first, little sweeping motion, then closer to the floor, then up high by your chest, and then we’ll make that same sweeping motion with the leg straight.

Alright last part of the warm up, we’re gonna do a little bit of lunging and squatting to strengthen your hips, buttocks, and your quads. So bring your right knee up to your chest,step forward, lower your back knee raise your left arm, and then stand back up. Bring your left knee up, step forward, lower your right knee, raise your right arm, step back up.

Change sides, so while you’re doing this keep your head up on top of your spine, stay lifted through the mid line and every time you lunge, try not to tuck under. Draw your navel up, keep the chest open. Alright then take the feet hip distance apart,bring your fingers behind your ears, stay tall through your neck, as you inhale sit your buttock back and down but keep the spine tall.

Draw from your navel up to your heart, exhale come back up. Ten more inhale slowly lower. Exhale back up, inhale lower slow, exhale back up, inhale lower slow. Then stand in Mountain. Bring your palms together and close your eyes,balance yourself over your ankles again.

So look for a state of balance. You feel that the heart is pumping. You feel all that heat in your body. So we’re gonna use that heat now for a few of the standing postures. Alright open your eyes, release your arms to your side, as you inhale take the arms out to the side up and overhead, reach up and exhale fold forward uttan asan, standing forward fold.

inhale ardha uttan asan slide your hands to your shins reach your chest forward, then plant your hands and step into plank pose. Balance your shoulders over your wrist, lift your inner thighs, draw your navel up and reach your heart forward, then stretch back into dog pose, alright from dog pose, step your right foot all the way up in between your hands, if your less flexible you can set the back knee down, then step the foot up.

Lift your back knee, pin the hip in, turn the knee to point forward. Press down into your feet, draw the navel in, float the arms back behind you. So this is preparation for warrior three pose. Shoulder blades are on the back chest is open,from your navel lift up. so your strengthening your core muscles here, your strengthen your hips by pinning in and keeping your hip tracking with your ankle,back leg is engaged.

Good then on your next inhalation, come up and raise your arms up, hold here Five breaths. Spin your triceps forward, lift through the pinky finger side of the arm lunge deeper into your right heel, keep stretching your back leg, engage the muscles the quadriceps in the back leg, bring your hands down, step into plank pose.

Hold your plank, then stretch back to downward dog. IN downward dog, same rotation of the arm,the biceps spin forward the triceps turn down, lift your hips away from your writs and let your head hang. Then step your left foot all the way up, pin your left hip in so that you’re using your hip muscles, you feel your outer buttock turn on, then life you belly, float your arms back behind you.

So the back leg is strong, lift though your quadraceps, engage them so that you have a straight line through your back leg. the blades are on the back the chest is open,so you’re working your upper back. you’re toning your core, you’re toning the muscles of your legs, and you’re toning your hips and your buttocks. Breath through your nose.

On your next inhalation, come all the way up, same idea, turn your triceps, life through the side chest all the way up through your pinkies. The back leg stays strong, but now see if you can lunge deeper into your left leg. Don’t let the muscles of the hip turn off,still pin your outer hip in so the buttock is firm. Then bring your hand back down, step back to your plank, chest open in plank.

And stretch back to dog. From down dog look in between your hands,keeping your hips from wiggling, which will help to strengthen your core, keeping the hips centered through the mid line, start to walk your feet forward, as you inhale stretch your chest forward, lengthen, exhale fold deep.

Inhale come all the way up raise your arms up, and exhale stand in mountain. Good! then let’s take warrior 2. Turn and separate your legs wide apart, turn the left toes in a little, turn the right leg all the way out, spread your arms out. Look over your right middle finger, start to bend your right knee so it comes right over your ankle.

In all these standing poses we want to use the legs to support us, so were strengthening and toning the legs, instead of just sinking into the pose and being relaxed, the leg muscles are turned on, the core in engaged the spine is tall. See if you can bend the knee deeper, release through this hip deeper, while still staying tall through your spine.

Then set your right forearm down on to your thigh. Take your left arm all the way overhead. Come back up to warrior 2. Straighten your leg turn your feet to the other side. Bend your left knee so the knee comes right over the ankle. Keep stretching the back leg so the back leg turns on, root into the foot.

Let the left thigh drop a little deeper still staying tall through your spine, then set your forearm down onto your thigh, reach your arm overhead. Come back up warrior two, then straighten your leg, parallel your feet, keep your arms up toning the shoulder muscles, raise the hands up in line with the shoulder. Instead of your neck holding the arms up,we don’t want the neck to get tight, spread the back of the neck so that the shoulders are toned.

Then, wiggle your feet in a couple inches turn the heels in so the toes angle out halfway, start to bend your knees, but spread from your inner legs so that the knees spread wide apart, they’re not aloud to come in at all. As you and tall here, spread your arms out to the site, turn the palms and reach all the way up.

Keep spreading through the inner legs, noting into the heels, root the big toe and the little toe mounds. 5 more breaths. Then straighten your legs, parallel your feet,hands on your hips. Turn your shoulder back and open your chest,lets stretch the hamstrings, fold forward, put your fingertips down, as you inhale and stretch your chest forward, elongate, zip up through the front of the spine, exhale walk the hands back and let the back of the skull release.

Inhale flat back walk your fingers forward under your shoulders. Then exhale walk your hands over to the right,bring your left hand to your ankle, and open up through the left side body. Come back to center, walk your hand over to the left. Bring your right hand to your ankle and has you exhale lengthen deeper toward your ankle. Open up through the right side body.

Then inhale come back to center up on to your finger tips, reach your chest forward. And with your strong legs reach into your feet, hand onto your hips, come all the way up to stand. Then turn your front foot out and step up to the front of the mat. Stand tall and balanced over your ankles. Raise your arms up inhale. Exhale fold forward. Inhale flat back lengthen out. Now draw your belly in and sit your buttock all the way to the floor.

Balance in between your site bones and your tail bone like a tripod, as you root down into them, draw your belly in engage your low abs an lift your feet up. Lift the legs straight up, reach through the heels and the toe mounds. Don’t let yourself sink back. Keep rooting the sit bones and the tailbone,tall through you spine.

Then bend your knees, and round your sacrum,lower back down onto the floor. Finger behind your ears, tuck your abs in and curl up, stretch your left leg forward at a 45 degree angle, then your right. Don’t let your shoulder touch, stay crunched up so you’re using your abs. then lower your head down bend your knees, Hands at your side,take your legs straight up.

So in this next exercise, keep your middle steady like a brick, legs straight lower just the right leg, keeping the lower back long by engaging your core. Keep the chest open, shoulders broad. Bring your leg back up, and slowly lower the left leg. Hover it just an inch above the floor, keep your abs in tight. Then back up, legs firm, lower both legs just a third of the way, keep the low abs engaged, stretch the buttock flesh out of the low back,lower three more inches, but squeeze your abs in tight.

Then bring your legs straight up. Bend your knees put your feet down. Take the feet the width of the mat open your arms like cactus arms. Let your right knee fall over toward your left big toe, then slide your right arm up and overhead. Come back to center, let the left knee far over to the right big toe. Slide the left arm up and overhead.

Come back to center, hug your knees into your chest , roll yourself up to seated. So we strengthened the front of the core,but remember your abs wrap all the way around, so lets strengthen the back body a little bit too. Step back onto the hands and the knees, then lie down onto your belly. So my favorite exercise for strengthening the back are the salab asanas, the belly back bends in yoga.

So for today press your toe nails down and lift your inner knees up. Draw the navel up away from the floor and reach your heart forward. So let me see how long you can get. As you reach you big toes back, reach the chest. Shoulder blades on the back. Lift the hands and stretch straight back. We’re gonna hold for 5 breaths. Firm your quads, engage your gluten. Draw your belly up and reach your chest forward.

Then slide the hands next to the waist, keeping your chest open turn the elbows back, and release. Lower your chest, press up to your hands and your knees, and stretch back child’s pose. Come back up onto your hand and your knees,cross your legs behind you, sit up tall, chest open with the legs crossed. Twist to your right, twist to your left, comeback to center, and fold forward.

As your hips anchor down, draw your belly in, crawl your fingers forward for this nice stretch. Inhale come back up. Change the cross of your legs, twist to your right, sit tall. Twist to your left, lift up. back to center, crawl your fingers forward,sit the hips down as you draw your navel in. Come back up. Alright, so after all the hard work, you deserve a rest lie down on to your back.

This is the most important part of your practice,and for many people this could be the most difficult just to be still for a few minutes. So for all that hard work we did, all that deep breathing, we want to give the body a chance to acclimate to what happened. And we’re gonna do that by letting the nervous system calm down, because we know like from all these recent studies all the information that’s coming out how stress affects your organs how it affects your body and how it stores fat, so were just gonna spend this time to de-stress and to unwind.

Start with relaxing your hands and your feet. Relax the muscles of your face your jaw, your tongue. Soften your eyes. Let the space in between the ears release the inner ears open, and even imagine the sinuses could open more. Relax the forehead the scalp. Just let the body drop. Then gently bend your knees, roll over to your right side, and press yourself up to seated. So sit up tall, bring your palms together and close your eyes, just take a moment to notice how good you feel after taking the time to practice, thank you Namaste.

I hope your body feels good after practicing that sequence, remember that it’s about a lifestyle change if you wanna change the way your body looks start little, don’t try to do it all in one day.

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