Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets



When you {start,embark on,get started on,begin} a {fat loss,weight loss,losing weight} diet {strange things happen!,something strange happens}. Your {overweight,fat,rather plump} body is not {at all,entirely,completely} {overjoyed,happy} to {lose,shed,give up} its fat content. {Instead of losing pure weight,As opposed to giving up the fat,Instead} you start to lose {the good bits,lean tissue} such as {bone density & muscle,muscle and bone density}.

A {recent,new,current} research study carried out in {Europe,Scandinavia,Denmark}, {which was,and} reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition {discovered,found} that when men dieted {correctly,strictly} less than 60% of the {lost weight,shed weight,weight lost} was fat. The {remainder,rest} was lean {muscle,tissues}. When {the same men studied,men} regained weight only 24% of the {weight readded,weight regained,weight they put back on} was lean {tissue,muscle} – over 75% of the {added weight,weight regained,readded weight} after {having lost weight,weight loss} was more fat. {The results proving that,That means} for people who yo-yo diet – living in a {constant change,cycle} of {weight loss,losing weight,weight reduction} and {then adding it,putting it} back on again – the {muscle,lean tissues} {within,in} their body are {over a period of time,gradually} being replaced by fat.

{Another similar research,The same research} {indicated,proved,showed} that the {story,results,picture} for {females,women} is even worse! During the {fasting period,diet,weight loss diet} 35% of the {loss,lost weight,weight lost} was {muscle,lean} tissue – {originally,initially} less than {recorded within the male study,for men}. BUT {when,on} {reading,regaining} weight only 15% was lean tissue. {When the women in the case study,When women} lost and then {readded,regained} weight, lean {muscle,tissue} was not {completely,satisfactorily,sufficiently} {regained,restored} – 85% of the weight {restored,regained} {had turned into fat,was fat!}.

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