Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Work On Your Food Portion Size To Lose Weight

The food restaurant industry is composed of more than 500,000 locations with more than $400 billion per year in gross income. While no one would argue the benefits off someone else doing the cooking cleanup and shopping for the meal or a good location for a quiet moment, the restaurant industry has made losing weight more difficult. The main culprit is the food portion size we have two expect from our local restaurant. Oversized or eat all you can are not good concepts in the battle of losing weight.

Steak specialty restaurants would love to see steak strip over the edges of the plate as the quantity off the steak or ribs is cut around 1 pound or more. Couple that meat with some starch and salad mixed with fat-based dressing and suddenly weight-loss becomes very hard.

The proper size for getting lean protein is around 3 ounce which is approximately the size of a deck of cards. This is so far from those oversized foods that most people love to eat at their local restaurants.

In a constant struggle for losing weight, most often the strategy is to diet or starve or do some fasting to get quick results. It has been proven that the proper food portions and the right type of food combined with a more active lifestyle can be for more effective.

When it comes to diet, it has been general rule to divide your plate in half and then divide it in another half. The large half of your plate should be composed of vegetables, with natural sauce or butter. This could also include steamed beans and a leafy salad or steam pepper combined with onion medley or any other combination of vegetables with low carbohydrates. You should avoid the potatoes and other starchy foods.

The smaller section of your plate has to be composed of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates and good fats which can be found in avocado and nuts. Whenever you can, try to use small plates for eating food. Smaller plate can fool you into feeling that you have eaten in a big full plate.

You have to remember that are coming successful in losing weight is not complicated and it does not need to be difficult. A few simple diet changes such as eating smaller meals and eating the right food proportion can give you instant results. You might also want to watch over your calorie intake and get into a regular exercise routine. Eat the right way and exercise the right way so that your excess body fat will go away effortlessly.

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