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Will Too Much Cardio Decrease My Metabolism?

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This is a common question along with other questions such as; how much is too much cardio? Why is my weight not dropping despite my hours of cardio training?

In this article we’ll go into this topic in greater detail and you will understand the importance of cardio training, how to use it as an effective too and most importantly, how not to overdo it and experience negative effects.

The first point to note is that there is such a thing as “too much cardio” and you can overdo it. This does not apply to endurance athletes such as long distance runners, cyclists, etc. We’re speaking about the normal person trying to shed the pounds and using cardio training to achieve his or her goal.

They resort to hours of jogging at the track or treadmill. Totally wearing themselves out in the process. This is unnecessary. Too much cardio is a waste of time, causes injuries to the joints due to overuse and in extreme cases, may cause metabolic slowdown.

Cardio training is a tool. It should be used together with proper weight training and a nutritious diet which is targeted at a 500 calorie deficit daily. As long as these 3 components are in place, you will see weight loss and an improvement in body composition.

A calorie deficit causes weight loss. You achieve this loss through moderate exercise and a proper diet. It does not have to mean hours of cardio.

There are thousands of people who do too much cardio and their metabolism slows down and fat loss takes a much longer time. So why does this happen?

The key reason for this is they are doing too much cardio and restricting their calories drastically too.

Excessive cardio ONLY affects your metabolism when you are not consuming enough calories to compensate for the calories that you have burned. Your body needs the fuel.

If you do a lot of cardio and restrict your calories too much you will sabotage your fat loss quest. It is similar to the effects of going on a starvation diet. In fact, this is more detrimental.

Endurance athletes, who train for hours, consume large amounts of calories to compensate for the calories that they have burned. Since they do this, their metabolism is not affected. The average person who does hours of cardio and reduces his calories in his attempt to lose weight faster, often experiences the opposite.

It takes a longer time to lose weight and he also burns himself out by training too hard. If you do lots of cardio, you need to eat more. In the end, it’s pointless. You just need to aim for a 500 calorie deficit daily. That’s it and you will lose a pound a week, slow and steady.

Rushing the fat loss process is a surefire way to failure. There is a saying, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.” Aim for slow and steady weight loss. By going the slow route, you will lose fat in a healthy manner and you may reach a state where you even have a set of ripped abs without having to resort to running on the treadmill like a hamster for hours on end.

The key is moderation. Your diet, weight training and cardio must be in place and all in moderation. You will lose weight. Guaranteed.

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