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Why There Is A Need For A Georgia Health Insurance Pool

There is a small group of people who cannot buy health insurance, regardless of the price. Usually it is because they do not get health insurance through their employer, and they have a medical condition that causes an insurance company to deny them coverage. Individuals who enroll with a group plan through their employer cannot be denied regardless of their medical condition. However, if you are applying for an individual plan, an insurance carrier can deny your application because of poor health or a pre-existing medical condition. The only option for those individuals in Georgia would be a Georgia health insurance pool. However, Georgia has not yet set up a Georgia health insurance pool.

Georgia is one of only five states who not only does not have a Georgia health insurance pool, but also does not offer any other insurance options for those individuals with serious medical conditions. This is a big problem in Georgia, which has an estimated 1 million uninsured residents. Many of these residents would benefit from a Georgia health insurance pool.

How All Benefit from a Georgia Health Insurance Pool

There are thirty two states that offer health insurance pools to those who cannot get insurance any other way. Having a Georgia health insurance pool would benefit Georgia, because it guarantees that high risk individuals are covered by insurance, rather than having their medical expenses become a burden to the state

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