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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Why Should People Exercise

Why should people exercise? This is a very good question, and even though it is simple, most people can’t seem to find an answer that satisfies them enough to actually exercise on a regular basis!

My attempt at answering this question will go a different direction than other answers that I have heard during my life!


My answer is simple! To produce results that you have a strong desire to bring into reality!

Not for the health benefits, not because everyone else thinks it is important, not because your doctor has told you many times that it can help you to lose weight!

But, because it can help you to create something that is important to you and to bring into your life something that really matters!

If you do it for some other reason, the results that you will produce most likely not last.

The reason is simple when you do something you do not want or do not consider important, at some time in your journey you will have to start to force yourself to keep going!

When you start to use this willpower strategy, eventually this will lead to a reversal of your success.

This has nothing to do with you, but is simply a part of the structure you create when you start moving toward something that you personally do not want.

So if you have asked yourself why should people exercise regularly, and have not found an answer that satisfies you, here is what I recommend.

Start by reading my Tips and Secrets section, and after that the Motivationand the Goal Setting sections.

The information in those three sections is focused on helping you to discover what is truly important to you.

Once you know your true desires and wants, then it will be easier to find out why it is important for you to exercise.

Updated: February 19, 2013 — 8:03 pm

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