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Whey Protein – Who Is It Suitable For

There are a lot of different products on the market that are utilised for the herbal health benefits that they offer, with companies that specialise in such products – including Holland & Barrett – offering a wide selection of herbal health and fitness products.

The types of products available in this area include vitamin supplements, medicinal herb products and calcium supplements, with the type of product that you will opt for depending on what improvements to your health and wellbeing you are looking to accomplish. Amongst the popular types of product sold by companies such as Holland & Barrett are those containing whey protein.

Whey protein products usually take the form of either a milkshake drink or a protein bar and are generally considered to be particularly suitable for those who are looking to build up their muscles. Thus products containing whey protein are often consumed by those involved in body building, athletics or any other competitive activity which requires good muscle mass.

When it comes to building muscles, whey protein products work by increasing the amount of protein that the body takes in, and are ideally taken immediately after a period of strenuous exercise, as this exercise will have stretched the muscles, allowing the instant hit of protein provided by a whey protein shake or bar to get to these muscles and enable them to grow, which it does by repairing muscles which have been torn through exercise. This is why people with muscle-bound physiques are described as having ‘ripped’ muscles.

In addition to its recognised status as an aid to muscle growth and development, some people also believe whey protein to assist in the process of weight loss, which makes whey protein products suitable for those who simply want to gain general benefits to their health and wellbeing, rather than just those engaged in sports activities.

Updated: May 5, 2013 — 4:23 am

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