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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


What kind of workout do you have to do to get a body like Christian Bale?

I want a body like Christian Bale in American Psycho

There are a lot of things you'll need to do. Above post said P90X, I agree and disagree.

You'll need 3 things (I'll explain each):

1. Exercise

2. Diet

3. Discipline

1. Christian Bale has a significant amount of muscle. If you want to be his size you're going to have to do some intense weight lifting. Both fast twitch and slow-twitch movements. Good examples would be clap-pushups (fast), and max rep benchpress (slow). These types of workouts will benefit your bulk. You're going to need to work out your whole body; arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, etc. Try your best to have 6 strength training workouts for 6 seperate areas and do them each once a week, always going for max rep or until exhaustion. Suppliment your exercises with creatine and protein intake. This will help your body recover and grow faster than it would without (sources needed).

But size isnt your only goal. Christian bale is also low % body fat. So after you bulk up a bit, you're going to want to start incorporating serious cardiovascular exercise. I'd suggest replacing 1 workout a week with an hour run. Then moving that day around as to not “deprive” your workout schedule: IE – run Monday, then the following week Tuesday, then the following week Wednesday. etc. Once you've gone a full cycle, ad 2 days of running (also staggering).

Don't become stagnant. Always increase the weight (when lifting) and increase the speed (when doing cardio). This will help keep your body improving.

2. Exercise is nothing without diet. You'll want to switch from a normal diet to a High Protein low carb diet. This will do two things. First of all it will allow your body to grow muscle (protein), but it will also reduce your insulin levels because your carb intake will be reduced. Lower insulin means that your body will reach to fat for energy and will help lower your % body fat, so that you can see all those lovely muscles you've been developing. Try to formulate a diet that has less tha 100g carbs/day. It sounds simple… but honestly try it. To give you an idea…apples have 30g, Pears 33g, Tuna 0g, Almonds 0g, carrots 1g, Banana 40g, Cherries 22g, 1cup rice 50g, 1/2 bagel 44g, slice of bread 28g, peanuts 1g, Yogurt 32g, plain yogurt 13g, raisins 48g, tofu 0g, egg whites 0g, … remember LESS THAN 100G/DAY! Also, no beverages (except water). This is super important. Alcohol and sugar drinks are diet-killers. Even orange juice and milk have unwanted carbs and calories. Drink water, eat right, you'll be on the right track to a lower %bodyfat.

3. Dedication. You're going to be sore, you're going to be hungry, you're going to feel like crap some days. You just gotta remember to push through it and keep working out and dieting. It's not easy, yes I can sit at my computer desk and type you all these wonderful things, but it's a lot harder to get up hit the gym everyday 6 days a week for half a year to get good quality results. And it's even harder to restrict your eating, not eating out or drinking any alcohol/sodas for an equal amount of time. Stick with it, the results are worth it.

Side note: P90X is a great starting place. But if you want to look like Christian Bale, you're gonna have to do more than just 12 weeks of P90X (and it's corresponding diet). P90X does show results, I've done it twice… but it's a fat-burning regime more than a muscle building one.

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