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What is AARP health insurance?

AARP, formerly known as American Association of Retired Persons, does not function as an insurance carrier. Instead, AARP contracts with insurance providers to offer insurance products to its members.


AARP groups available health insurance plans into three main categories; namely, for those 50 to 64, 65 and older, and products for all ages. Rates vary based on age, residence and insurance product.

Types: 50 to 64

Individuals ages 50 to 64 may purchase major medical, dental and hospital indemnity insurance through AARP. Members may not be able to purchase every product in all states. Contact AARP to verify insurance availability.

Types: 65 and Older

AARP offers seniors 65 and older Medicare Complete, Medicare Rx, Medicare Supplement, Long-Term Care Insurance and Dental Insurance.


In addition to fitness program discounts, AARP offers members vision, prescription, health essentials and medical supply benefits.


Save money, time and effort by ordering Medicare-reimbursed medical supplies for diabetes and respiratory care through AARP medical supply services. Pay no out-of-pocket expenses for qualified products.


AARP: Health

AARP: Medical Supply Services


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website

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