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What Causes Belly Fat

What causes belly fat? This is a very frequently asked question that I get in many of my e-mails.

The major cause is consuming more calories than your body can burn.

The reasons why your body does not burn the calories that you consume are many, but in the end it is all about the law of energy (calorie) balance.

The law of calorie balance:

-If you consume more calories than your body burns you will gain weight.

-If you consume fewer calories than your body burns, you will lose weight.

-And last, if you consume the same amount of calories your body burns, you will maintain your weight.

There is no way around the law of energy (calorie) balance; it is the number one law that you must obey if creating a flat stomach is one of your goals.

Losing belly fat is not an easy task for most people, and the reason is simple; it takes non-stop action on a daily basis.

It is important to understand that to lose belly fat you have to shrink all of the fat cells in your body, it is impossible to lose stomach fat without becoming lean everywhere else.

To make it really simple, I will explain the main steps that you have to take to create a lean, healthy body with a flat stomach.

The first step is you have to eat frequent meals; four per day, every four hours is the most balanced approach.

The second step is you have to eat these meals with the amount of calories that your body can burn during the day, so that there is no surplus to go into body fat storage.

The third step is you have to create your meals using the right nutrient ratio for your body type.

The fourth step is to drink plenty of water during the day, and if you consume alcohol, to do this in moderation.

The fifth step is to do cardio training on a regular basis, using the right frequency, intensity, and duration.

The last step is weight training; three times per week is the most effective way to approach this.

Without weight training it will be hard to maintain your lean body mass while you are in your weight loss phase, and the loss of muscle will lead to a slower metabolism.

This is the main strategy for long term permanent weight loss, and the best way to create a flat stomach.

So if you wanted to know what causes belly fat, and how to create a flat belly, now you have an honest answer.

If these elements are not all included in your weight loss programsimultaneously, losing unwanted body fat will be an uphill climb.

And from my experience, when you take out any of these out of the equation permanent fat loss become almost impossible, especially if you have a body type with a slow metabolism.

Updated: June 29, 2013 — 2:47 am

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