Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Weight Loss Tips To Lose Weight Fast!

hey what’s going on this is Alek with the change your life diet sharing my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast.

So now in this specific video I want to talk to you about what is the best weight loss diet and in particular what is it best diet plan to lose weight fast now as you guessed it by coincidence it happens to be the diet that I created the change your life diet who would’ve guessed it right now the reason that my diet plan is the most effective and the fastest way to lose weight is because I’ve experimented with everything.

You know deep down inside I am a fat guy I’ve been fat my entire life I was fat as a kid by the time i was 14 years old I was 200 pounds 205 pounds now I really got into like weight training bodybuilding working out when I was a teenager I managed to lose some weight when I was like 18 19 years old I did compete in some bodybuilding competitions but after that a few years later yeah I stopped and then I slowly started putting on weight again so by the age of like 22 I started getting fat again.

In my twenties late twenties early thirties into my mid-thirties I was just battling weight gain constantly now when you’ve been fat as a kid you know how like demoralizing it is and how miserable you are so that’s why I had that desire to just never be fat again so but I just have bad genetics bad metabolism i just get fat easily so i spent so many years trying to fight weight gain and I was probably you know 30 40 50 pounds overweight.

For like decades and every diet I tried I tried everything you can think of like atkins South Beach paleo i got all these ridiculous exercise routines all those are DVDs i saw on late-night TV like the t25 the p90x you know I’d get all jazzed up about it and tried them for a few days and then I just you know it didn’t really work you know every time i tried you know you lose like ten pounds but it wouldn’t last so I would be battling to lose like ten pounds and i put back 12 and that happened for decades and decades.

So I finally discovered something in my mid-thirties that I lost 50 pounds i was 215 pounds and now I weigh 165 it’s insane how how incredible this is it’s insane how easy it is it is crazy how it works and I maintained this for seven years and when I’ve had such a history of battling up and down it’s so incredible and it just lasted this long and it’s just so easy to maintain and I’ve never put on more than you know a couple pounds during thanksgiving or you go on vacation or something like that so here is my plan okay so my plan is based on I split up into three phases.

Phase one is the it’s what something I call the eat whatever you want phase where you basically get to eat whatever you want during the early part of the day it really doesn’t matter on breakfast lunch you have a big satisfying breakfast big satisfying lunch snack continually it doesn’t matter you don’t eat for when you’re gonna burn it off eat for when you’re going to be active and when your body desires calories and when you’re body desires fuels that it’s gonna burn throughout the day and the evening time you really gotta be strict with what you eat in the evening time you really need to fast during the evening and fasting in the evening is the most powerful.

Weight loss technique anybody could ever tell you now some people claim that skipping breakfast works you know that’s just you know it works but it’s just not as powerful as probably and when you skip breakfast you could probably lose like one to two pounds a week with this system when you fast in the evenings you’ll lose five pounds a week it is really powerful so phase one is where you’re pretty much gonna lose like if you have like a a target weight loss a range of like let’s say you want to use like 30 pounds fifty pounds to get yourself to a normal natural weight for your height and your frame.

You could probably lose like eighty percent of that in phase one and all while eating a lot of your favorite foods and not necessarily caring about nutrition or health or eating right it really doesn’t matter if you just stick to the structure and stick to the schedule you will lose a ton of weight like around like seventy eighty ninety percent of your target weight loss you will lose under phase one and you don’t have to exercise you don’t have to care about nutrition and necessarily eating right what to eat what not to eat.

Then there’s phase 2 when you are ready to take that next step and lose those last you know 20 per cent the last few pounds and really get your abs to start showing you know coming in that’s when you go to phase through phase two is more restrictive it is basically what you should eat what you shouldn’t eat to lose those last few pounds it is a little bit more restrictive but you only need to do it for a short amount of time like a week or two or three for you to lose those last few pounds.

A little bit more weight and then you go to phase three which is phase three is the lifelong maintenance plan basically it is you know what human being should be eating on this planet ok and how to sustain your weight loss for your entire life a natural way to eat and how to not put on weight for the long term because the most important thing for you when choosing a weight loss system or diet plan to find something that is going to work for you that is going to feel natural for you that’s going to allow you to live your life in a natural way or that seems effortless and enjoyable so that’s why a lot of things that I tried in the past you know sure something worked for a month I lost a little bit of weight but you know it’s not something i wanted to stick with especially like exercise routines that is just something that doesn’t really work for me i’m not going to run on the street.

I’m not gonna Jog I’m not gonna go to the gym and run on the treadmill it’s just it seems silly to me when all you need to do is just I guess be active or go for a walk I mean go out in nature and go hiking or just be a little active in your daytime and at a minimum just like if you’re just standing vs sitting and laying down all day that you know that’s really all the exercise you need a little bit of walking to lose weight and maintain your weight loss for you know your entire life so there you have it I’m being a little bit more general about this in this video but pretty much if you try some of these tips you will lose weight and if you are interested check out my website change your life diet.

Com if you want the full plan and I go into a lot of detail in there and if you want a little more information about it i do offer a free download the link to that in the description below so i hope you liked the video please like subscribe and leave your comments and questions below you know i’m here to help i’m here to share my weight loss experience with you and my knowledge help everybody out there lose weight because the weight loss is conquerable I’m living proof I no longer struggle with it I can live my life knowing that i will never gain weight again because it’s just so easy when you have the right structure so there you have it i hope you liked the video and check out my diet system change your life diet it just might change your life thanks.


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