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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Supplements, are Big Business, currently with sales at over $15 billion per year! And this is only in The United States.

When there is that much money involved, of course you will find plenty of information–on how incredible all these products are!

Most of this information is contained in fitness magazine articles, which in reality, is simply advertising in an editorial format.

They sound too good to be true–but this is the length that some manufacturers will go to, in order to sell you their products.

Almost everything that is written about them possesing some kind of magical fat-burning qualities…is hype!

Any product that will provide drug-like effects will be pulled off the shelves in a heartbeat, by the FDA!

The truth is that most of these weight loss products are simply powdered food or a food derivative.

They should only be used for convenience purposes, when for some reason you can’t eat real food.

The weight loss supplements we recommend…

We recommend that you take a multi-vitamin/minerals and essential fatty acid supplements that contain EFA omega 3.

A multi-vitamin/mineral is recommended as an insurance policy, and the omega 3 is recommended because most people do not consume enough of this essential fatty acid.

Besides these–all you need is real food, water, and exercise to achieve long term weight loss.

We will include all the information in here about which products we consider to be the best to use for the convenience purposes.

But please take into account that properly combining real food, drinking clean water, doing cardio and weight training, is all you really need to create the body of your dreams!

What else will be covered in this section…

There are thermogenic products that can add to the fat-burning effects of your diet and exercise program.

But you should definitely check with your doctor before using them, since not everyone tolerates them well.

We consider that a healthy balanced diet combined with exercise on a regular basis is the best way to lose weight in the long run.

So we do not suggest that you actually use any chemical substances.

But having knowledge about them is important, just in case you are considering this option–you will know the facts!

There are a few products that have been proven to produce good results for athletes, and seem to be safe, but in our opinion, these should be used only by proffesional athletes!

Full details will be given to you–just in case they interest you!

What about green tea…?

Concerning green tea and weight loss, we will say it right here, it might help a little, but not enough to take it seriously!

Many people believe that they can lose a lot weight using this product, and that green tea has some kind of magical fat burning qualities.

And this is simply not true! If you want to drink green tea, drink it for the health purposes and the antioxidants it provides.

Information about green tea increasing thermogenesis, and fat burning might be true, but it is so minimal, it is not worth your time to take it seriously.

In our opinion it is simply a good marketing trick, to sell more green tea to the huge weight loss supplement market!

Stick to eating real food…

Use weight loss supplements for convenience, but stick to eating real food the rest of the time.

Our organisms were not created to digest chemicals and powders.

And this is why eating high quality carbs, proteins and good fats, will always produce the best results!

Once you see the results you create from a properly balanced nutrition plancombined with exercise, most likely you will choose to stick with eating only real food.

In the next section Natural Weight Loss Supplements we will go over some of the most popular supplements currently on the market–for information purposes.

The link to this section is at the end of this page, plus you can see what other topics we have included in this Weight Loss Supplements section.


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