Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Weight Loss Strategies: How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Back when I was tipping the scale at 370 or 380 (my heaviest was 412) my friend, Lance started melting away. His strategy was to go on a modified fast. He drank a liquid protein shake and ate one meal consisting of an apple or a potato. He lost 150 pounds in 5 months. I saw him shrinking every day, it seemed.

Once Lance lost the weight he had to work on keeping it off. He made healthy choices and substituted sweetener for sugar and non-fat choices for his one-time fatty favorites. It’s been over 20 years since Lance went on the liquid fast, and he is still trim. I tried doing what he did, but I just couldn’t make myself do it.

Everyone that knows me knows I had a gastric bypass in 2001. It saved my life. The bypass has a downside. You don’t just lose the weight and suddenly get skinny and stay skinny. It just doesn’t work that way. I lost from 412 to 250 in 18 months. After that year and a half was up I began putting a little weight on. I gradually gained back up to 330. I didn’t go through that surgery just to gain all my weight back. I had to have a strategy to lose the gained weight. My goal is to get back down to 250 within the next 5 months. Then I will work on the next 50 pound goal. Weight Watchers gives us small goals every so many weeks. Once we hit those goals, Weight Watchers sets us up with another goal. I have long term goals that I want to achieve. Each 50 pounds lost is a milestone for me. This is not a diet I’m on, it is a weight loss journey. The journey will continue for as long as I live. In other words, it’s a lifestyle change that will get me to where I want to be and keep me there.

My strategy is applying the tools I learned from Weight Watchers. I am not on a diet. For me, going on a diet is certain failure. Going on a diet implies eating differently to lose the weight and then reverting back to old habits. It’s those old habits that caused me to regain weight. Everyone who wants to lose weight can if they want to do it bad enough. We are creatures of habit, and the main thing we need to do is to maintain healthy habits and toss out the bad ones.

I just try to make healthier choices when I eat. I buy lots of frozen vegetables. I like to buy them in 5 pound bags at Wal-Mart. I try to substitute good habits for bad ones. For instance, I always enjoyed eating soup filled with crumbled crackers. I made a healthy soup junk food just by adding so many crackers.

Now, instead of putting crackers in my soup, I add lots of different colored veggies. I add a dollop if Greek fat free yogurt. The plain kind tastes and feels just like sour cream. I use Greek yogurt in the place of butter too. I thought it would be difficult to give up my butter, but it was easy.

I have bone density problems, so it’s important that I eat 2 to 3 servings of dairy each day. I have come down to 1 percent milk now. I don’t think I will ever get down to drinking skim milk. I used to like eating a bowl of cereal. I would free pour the cereal in my bowl. I probably ate three times the serving size. I had to learn to eat the suggested portion sizes of foods.

Now instead of eating cereal and milk, I eat a palm full of cereal on a bowl of bananas, apples and strawberries. I top it off with a 6 ounce container if Dannon Light and Fit yogurt. That’s a real treat and filling too.

Oatmeal is a really good power food. It’s good for the heart and helps to reduce bad cholesterol. I eat one serving and add apples and grapes in it with a container of yogurt. I usually can’t finish it at one sitting, so I put a lid on it and save the uneaten portion for later. It’s good cold too.

I try to get 2 teaspoons if healthy fat in my everyday eating plan. My favorite fat is peanut butter, so I try to have one peanut butter sandwich every day on my 40 calorie bread.

Feel free to read the article and share your weight loss strategies helped you to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

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