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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Weight Loss On The Raw Food Diet – Facts, Evidence and Real Success Stories

With worldwide obesity nearly doubling over the past thirty years, isn’t it about time for people to take action? In many countries around the world, more people die from being overweight than underweight. This is a rather sad fact, especially since obesity can be prevented. Serious action is needed folks. Some brave persons have taken action to lose weight, and have done so by means of the raw food lifestyle. If you are overweight and are in dire need of a complete health overhaul – please read the following information about the raw food vegan diet. Your health is at stake.

Who has lost weight on the raw food lifestyle?
Angela Stokes Monarch was a morbidly obese young woman, also suffering from many other health-related problems likely attributed to her poor diet. At age 21, Angela weighed a massive 294lbs (133kg). She knew that things had to change, so she took stock of her situation. In 2002, Angela went on a raw vegan diet, and consequently experienced profound weight loss. She lost 105lbs (47kg) in the first year of her new healthy lifestyle, and shortly after reached a healthy body weight of 138lbs (62kg).

Yes, Angela Stokes Monarch took action. She embraced a healthy lifestyle, experienced crucial weight loss, and has maintained her healthy raw food vegan diet down to this day.

If Angela can lose weight on the raw vegan diet, you can too.

Facts behind Raw Food Diet Weight Loss
A few facts for you to consider:

· Fresh fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat, so you can enjoy them in much larger quantities whilst still losing weight.

· It has been observed that persons who consume primarily raw vegan foods can actually consume more calories than persons on a standard diet.

· After the initial detoxification stage, the raw food diet becomes a blessing and a joy for many. Most people who embrace raw foodism love it so much that going back to their former diet is absolutely out of the question.

· With the complete elimination of meat and dairy products, it is no wonder that weight loss is so rampant on the raw food vegan diet. One is basically swapping over high calorie and high-fat (saturated fat) animal products for low-calorie plant-based foods. Weight loss is clearly inevitable.

· Without heavy animal products clogging up your digestive system, you are giving your body a chance to detoxify and give attention to healing your body. If it is excess weight that you need to lose, your body will accordingly give attention to this. Detoxifying the body is a powerful healing method to heal and give attention to any illnesses, problems or abnormalities that your body is experiencing – including excess weight.

Angela Stokes Monarch is not some fictional person. She is a real woman who has experienced real changes in her life and body. She has her own website containing her life story, and has also written a series of raw vegan food e-books disclosing her weight loss journey, as well as her emotional and spiritual journey.

Further evidence of the reality of weight loss on the raw food diet is the ever-increasing testimonials, books and information that are appearing every year. Clearly, more and more persons are adopting this healthy lifestyle for its amazing health benefits.

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