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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Weight Loss Drugs

This section on weight loss drugs we decided to include for simple information purposes.

As we said in the last section about non-prescription weight loss pills, we do not recommend taking any kind of chemical substances when it comes to long term effective weight loss.

First of all, drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor, and they are reserved for people with serious weight-related health problems.

If you have these kinds of problems and a healthy diet and regular exercise is not creating any results–seeing a doctor may be your only option.


The two prescription drugs that have been approved by the FDA are Sibutramine (Meridia) and Orlistat (Xenical).

These drugs suppress appetite, but have not been the subject of many long-term studies so far.


Weight loss drugs can’t replace the need for a healthy balanced nutrition and exercise strategy.

They can only be a useful tool to help you make the necessary diet andlifestyle change. And this is what eventually can lead you in the right direction.

Your doctor will always consider your health history, and the possible side-effects, together with potential interaction of these drugs for weight losswith other medications you might be taking.


Our recommendation is to start slowly with changing your eating habits and your activity level. Always work at your own pace.

Moving slowly in the direction of your goal on a daily basis will always get you farther in the end.

All the tools for permanent weight loss are in the main sections of our site.

We invite you to use them to create your dream body, one day at a time, taking small steps on a regular basis!

We truly believe that almost everyone–can create long term weight results, all you have to do is tap your true inner desire–and focus it on creating your major health goal!

Updated: September 19, 2013 — 1:36 pm

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