Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Discover Why Weight Loss Diet, Conventional Diets, and Fad Diets Can’t Help You To Create Long Term Weight Loss Results

Weight Loss Diets, Conventional Diets, Fad Diets, and all the other weight loss approaches that don’t include proper nutrition as one of the main elements of helping you to reach your ideal weight — are not effective at producing long term weight loss results.

Since, I am convinced that you don’t want to lose weight, and then gain it all back when you go off your diet, reading this section will make you aware what happens when you use any of these in-effective weight loss approaches.

On this page I will break up The Second Chapter of my weight loss system– “The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss” into a few sections so that they can be much easier for you to read.

Reading online is much different than reading text that is printed on paper, and because of this I have decided to use this approach for publishing this information that I want to share with you!

This information is being published on this site starting in late January 2010 — and will continue to be published on a daily basis until all the 14 Chapters are completely made available for you to read and use in your weight loss journey!

This Second Chapter of The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss will explain in full detail why weight loss diets, conventional diets, and fad diets will never help you to create permanent fat loss!

This will make you realize that the only path toward creating the body of your dreams is proper nutrition!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you pay it forward, and spread the word about this high quality information being available for free, to anyone that can use it to reach and then maintain their ideal body weight for life!

In the middle of this page, you will find all the links that will take you to the articles that I have created using the information in the second chapter of my weight loss system!

Chapter 2: Conventional Diets

This is the information from the second chapter of The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss. Simply follow each link to discover exactly why you should avoidweight loss diets, conventional diets, fad diets, and all the other weight lossapproaches that don’t produce long term weight loss success!

Please take into account that I will publish one page per day starting in late January 2010.

1) The Causes Of Unwanted Body Fat is Chapter 2 — Part One! On this page you will find the three major reasons for weight gain.

2) The Ineffective Dieting Approaches is Chapter 2 — Part Two! On this page you will find how most people use low calorie and fad diets in an attempt to lose weight permanently. And also, the information why they don’t succeed in achieving this major health goal!

3) Why Diets Don’t Work is Chapter 2 — Part Three! On this page you will discover the major flaw in the design of all low calorie and fad diets!

4) The Avoid Low Calorie Diets is Chapter 2 — Part Four! On this page you will discover the major reasons why you should avoid this “flawed” weight loss approach like the plague!

5) The Low Calorie Diet Consequences is Chapter 2 — Part Five! On this page you will discover the devastating consequences of using low calorie approaches, and especially if they are combined with a conventional low carbohydrate approach!

6) The Effective Dieting Approach is Chapter 2 — Part Six! On this page you will discover the summary of the steps that you will have to take — toward “burning off” the unwanted body fat that you currently have, using my weight loss system!

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