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Weekly Weight Loss Chart: How To Keep Track Of Your Weekly Progress

The Weekly Weight Loss Chart is the best way to track the results you are getting from your weight loss program.

This fat loss “tool” is very important because without regular feedback, you can “never” be 100% sure if you are moving toward or away from your major health goal.

And, when it comes to creating “permanent” fat loss, it is very, very important to make sure that you are losing weight mostly from the unwanted body fat that you currently have.You always want to avoid losing weight from the water and the muscle in your body!

When I lost 110 pounds of unwanted body fat 15 years ago, tracking my results on a weekly basis was one of the “main” tools that I use to accomplish this objective in just a little over twelve months!

These days I am still using my weekly weight loss chart. Mostly, I do this because it is a habit, but also because I want to make sure that if my body fat starts to increase, that I will adjust my approach a little and burn it off — asap!

Currently I weight 175 pounds, and have 10% body fat, but I love delicious, high calorie foods, and allow myself to have 3-4 cheat meals per weeks.Plus holidays, and birthday parties, I do not hold myself back at all!

Why? Because, as soon as my weekly weight loss chart starts to show me that my unwanted body fat is increasing, I use my nutrition and exercise strategies to bring it back down to the 10% level.

Anyway, enough about me, let me explain how to create your own weight loss chart, and how to use it to make sure that you are losing unwanted body fat, and not your lean body mass!

How To Design Your Weekly Weight Loss Chart!

The best way to design your own weekly weight loss chart is by using an Excel spreadsheet in your computer.

If you don’t have a computer, ask someone to help you make this chart, and print it out for you. Then you can simply make additional copies for yourself whenever you need them.

Start out with making columns for the Date, your Total Body Weight (TBW), Lean Body Mass (LBM), Total Body Fat Weight (TBFW), Body Fat Percentage (BFP) and your skinfold measurements (SFM).

If you are doing skinfold tests on more than one site, then make a column for every skinfold site that you will be measuring.

In the weight loss tracker article you will find the directions how to do the weekly skinfold measurements to get your current body fat percentage. On that page you will also find exactly how to track your progress on a weekly basis using this chart!

Weekly Weight Loss Chart: Doing Calculations!

The first time you do your calculations your chart will look something like this, TBW–200 pounds, LBM–170 pounds, TBFW–30 pounds, and your BFP will be…15%.

To get your total body fat (TBFW) weight you will multiply your total body weight (TBW) times your body fat percentage (BFP), and this will give you a total body fat weight (TBFW) of 30 pounds.

To calculate your lean body mass(LBM) you will subtract your TBW minus your TBFW, and will get 170 pounds. Your body fat percentage (BFP) you will get from doing your skinfold testing.

You can keep these numbers in your computer, and make additions to your weekly weight loss charts on a weekly basis by typing them in there.

Or, you can simply write these numbers on a printed out chart and fill it in every week using a pen or a pencil. Either way works fine, and obvioulsy will help you to produce the same results.

Weekly Weight Loss Chart: Keeping Track Of
Your Weekly Progress!

Your weekly skinfold tests and weight scale numbers are what you will useto do your weekly calculations.

The result that you will see on a weekly basis, will show you the effectiveness of your personal weight loss program. These numbers have to be exact for the chart to accurately reflect your current reality!

Each week you will see the changes in your body composition, and this will objectively reflect how well your program worked last week.

It is very, very important to do weekly skinfold measurements in exactly the same way, using the same formula every time. The progress that you will see in your weekly weight loss chart each week is what you must focus on, what really counts, and what will help you to keep moving toward creating permanent fat loss!

It is really important to keep your eye on your lean body mass (LBM) and your total body fat weight (TBFW). To create irreversible, long-term weight loss success — your primary objective is to do everything possible to lower your total body fat weight while maintaining your lean body mass.

As soon as you notice that your weight loss program is not helping you to lose TBFW (total body fat weight) and maintain your LBM (lean body mass) — you must adjust your proper nutrition and exercise strategy — and get back on the path that will take you toward reaching your ideal body weight!

In this ideal weight chart article you will find out exactly how to interpret — all the possible “outcomes” and “results” that can show up in yourweekly weight loss chart! You will also discover “exactly” what actions you must take to get back on track — ASAP!

Weekly Weight Loss Chart: How To Weigh Yourself Correctly!

When you weigh yourself using the weight scale, this must be done in the exact same way every week! Always weigh yourself on the same day, at the same time, and wearing the same clothes.

This way the results in your weekly weight loss chart will be as accurate as possible!

The most important areas for you to track and stay “focused on” — in yourweight loss chart are — your total body weight (TBW), your lean body mass (LBM), and your total body fat weight (TBFW).

If your lean body mass drops within the first four weeks you shouldn’t worry too much. This can be due to water fluctuations, since water is part of your LBM number.

But, if after a month your LBM (lean body mass) number keeps dropping —you will have to make adjustments in your weight loss program.

Weekly Weight Loss Chart: The Trend That You See “Over Time” Is What Truly Matters When You Are Creating Permanent Fat Loss!

When you are moving toward creating the body of your dreams, most likely there will be times when you get off the path, hit a weight loss plateau, or maybe even fall off the wagon a few times!

This is completely normal, and should be expected! All you have to do is get yourself back up, remember where you are going, — by focusing on your major health goal — and then take the next step in your weight loss program.

This is why it is important to have a goal setting chart with all the steps — that you have to take to go from here to there — until you arrive at your final destination, and create the body of your dreams!

In this ideal weight chart article you will discover exactly how to interpret the results you are producing in your weight loss program.

By using your weekly weight loss chart, you will always know when you have to make adjustments in your approach, and in that article you will find the actions that you can take to get back on track ASAP!

It is also important for you to know that in the beginning of your program it is also possible for your Lean Body Mass to increase by a few pounds. This mostly happens because of water fluctuations in your organism.

If one day you increase your fluid intake, your LBM column might reflect this. This is no reason for concern, the trend that your weight loss chart shows over time is what really counts in the long run.

Moving toward your major goal of creating permanent fat loss is not an easy task. Your organism will try to resist giving up the unwanted body fat that you currently have, especially once you start getting closer and closer to reaching your ideal body weight.

If there are a few weeks where you will only “maintain” your weight — this is still a good result. When this happens, it simply means that your body most likely has adapted to the approach that you are using — and all you have to do is use the information in this ideal weight chart article to easily — break through this weight loss plateau.

This is exactly why the weekly weight loss chart is so effective in helping you go “all the the way” to the end of your weight loss journey, and in helping you to create the body that you have been dreaming about!

As soon as you see that the adaptation has set in, and your chart reflects this, you simply adjust your approach and keep going, because — doing the same thing you did last week will not produce different results.

Weekly Weight Loss Chart: Try To Lose One To Two pounds Of Unwanted Body Fat Per Week!

My recommendation is for you to aim at losing 1-2 pounds of total body fat weight per week. This is recommended because it is very tough to lose more than two pounds of pure body fat per on a weekly basis.

Your weekly weight loss in the beginning of your program might be more than 2 pounds per week, especially if you haev a lot of excess body fat to lose, — but after a month or so, — this will stabilize.

From my experience losing 1-2 pounds per week is the best approach, if you want to create irreversible, long term weight loss success. Anything above the two pounds most likely will come from your lean body mass, in other words — mostly your muscle mass!

This is exactly what you want to avoid when moving toward reaching your ideal body weight! As I mentioned before, your focus should always be on losing unwanted body fat, and maintaining your muscle, so that your body does not slow down your metabolism.

Weekly Weight Loss Chart: Always Keep Moving Toward Creating Your Major Health Goal!

To create permanent fat loss and reach your ideal weight, you have to take consistent actions on a daily basis and track your results weekly. This will allow you to create a lean, healthy body in the fastest time that is possible!

These action steps are quite simple, but they are definitely not easy. Your organism will eventually adopt to anything you throw at it. This is one of the main reasons why you simply “must” measure your results on a weekly basis.

Eventually, no matter what you do, even if you use the perfect proper nutrition and exercise strategy, and even keep adjusting your approach, there will come a time, when you will hit a serious weight loss plateau.

This simply means, that the time has come to use the advanced strategies that will break this plateau, and will allow you to reach your ideal body fat percentage and finally bring into reality the body of your dreams.

Weekly Weight Loss Chart: Using Advanced Nutrition And Exercise Strategies!

When you hit a serious weight loss plateau, you might have to use some of the advanced techniques for breaking through it. First of all, this will most likely happen only when you get really close to reaching your ideal body weight!

In this case you might want to simply maintain the weight that you reached. If this is not the case, then you will have to use the advanced nutrition and exercise strategies to “gently” force your body to burn off the last few pounds of unwanted body fat!

I cover these strategies in the nutrition and exercise articles of this site. These techniques should be used only when you have mastered the basics and fundamentals of proper nutrition and exercise.

Once you have achieved some impressive results in your weight loss program, the advanced techniques will take you to the next level! Using them in the beginning of your weight loss program will definitely do you more harm than good!

Weekly Weight Loss Chart: Maintaining Your Ideal Body Weight, Once You Have Finally Reached It!

With time you will master the basics and fundamentals of proper nutrition and exercise — and will know “for sure” — which nutrition and exercise strategies are the most effective for producing the best results in your weight loss program.

Through trial and error you will design your own strategy for effectively burning off all of the unwanted body fat that you currently have! When you finally reach your ideal weight, you should keep using your weekly weight loss chart for maintenance.

Keep track of the results you are getting from using proper nutrition and exercise on a regular basis — to make sure that you maintain the end-results that you have worked so hard to produce!

Once you have created your weekly weight loss chart this ideal weight chart article will help you to adjust your approach whenever you want to take your weight loss program to the next level!

And, make sure that you consider ordering The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss. This is my weight loss system where in the first chapter, that will not be published for free on my site, — you will discover the “unique” motivation strategy that will help you to go through the hardest parts of your weight loss program without ever quitting or giving up!

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