Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Weight change, lifestyle, and dietary behavior in the US Military’s Warrior in Transition Units.

A Warrior in Transition is a Soldier who is assigned/

attached in a Warrior Transition Unit and whose primary

mission is to heal. (1)

The Warrior in Transition Unit (WTU WTU Washington Teachers Union
WTU Washington Theological Union
WTU Warrior Transition Unit (Army)
WTU Whitetails Unlimited
WTU Weapons and Tactics Unit
WTU Ward Test Urine ) program is a comprehensive

continuum of care for service members and their families, with WTU units

located at US military installations throughout the world. A Warfighter

who requires significant medical treatment or rehabilitation anticipated

lasting 6 months or more in order to return to duty or successfully

transition to veteran status is assigned to a WTU. (2) The WTU achieves

individualized care by assigning a “triad” to each service

member: the primary care manager, nurse case manager, and squad leader

or platoon sergeant. (3) This collaboration of both military and

civilian leadership ensures a centralized support network for the

Warfighters and their families, streamlined appointments and treatments,

and efficient documentation. (4) The length of stay in the WTU is

dependent on the severity of illness or injury and the extent of

treatment required. (3) As of April 2010, there were 9,200 Soldiers in

the 32 WTUs throughout the United States. (5)

Body weight is a polarized issue in any hospital setting, depending

on the stage of healing. Preventing weight loss is a concern for

patients and Warfighters who have experienced severe trauma, burns,

and/or amputation amputation

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