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Water fast + Diet Pills?

I got these diet pills, the acaii berry ones but i just started a water fast. i figure since theyre natural berries that theyd be good for me (not nececarrily weight lose only,but health too ) i was wondering if taking them during my water fast would increase that weight loss?

~~also i really wanna know if i can chew gum on the fast to curb the hunger cravings~~

Description(if it matters):

I'm currently 5' 7 and 164 lbs. I have an hourglass figure, but im thicker and have more muscles from sports so i dont look as big. HELP!

You will fail on the water fast but you can lose weight. You will empty your system of all food and waste and that can add up to 10 lbs. Then you will lose 4-5 lbs of glycogen(stored energy) from your liver and muscle tissue. Last you will lose 2-3 lbs of water weight from molecules attached to sodium you will no longer be ingesting. SO you can lose 15-18 lbs. Not one lb of it will be stored body fat.

The whole acai berry thing is a scam.

Acai berries are high in antioxidants.

A diet high in antioxidant foods can increase your metabolism.

An increase in metabolism can burn more calories.

More calories burned can result in weight loss.

Acai berries cause weight loss!

That is the “stretch” these con artists are selling.

Acai berries don't have any more antioxidants in them than blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. At 10 times the price because they are “exotic”.

The cleanse pills that usually come with them contain nothing more than psyllium husk powder to help you poop more. There is no such thing as a fat burner. Burning more calories than you consume is the only fat burner. None of these weight loss supplements guarantee anything unless you establish a healthy diet and exercise program. So why not just establish a healthy diet and exercise program and keep your money?

The same stretch of the imagination marketing applies to green tea capsules, maquiberry, hoodia, moyoberry, gojiberry, fruta planta, hoodia, and african mango seed extract pills.

Spending the same $2 to $5 a day on this junk would pay for a great gym membership.

The only weight loss supplement I recommend is a basic multivitamin.

A healthy diet high in both soluble and insoluble fiber is the only safe way there is.

Good luck and good health.

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