Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Using Your Mind As A Powerful Tool To Overcome Obesity


Many people are overweight for psychological reasons. A lot of people eat to try and help themselves feel happier and forget about their problems, but unfortunately this can lead to them becoming overweight.

Therefore it is a good idea to try and find out if this applies to yourself.

For, after you have learned why you are fat, you must realize that in order to be thin there are certain things that you must do.

You must get your body and mind in good condition—whether that means treatment by a physician and/or a psychiatrist. You must do a certain amount of exercise. And—and oh, how I hate to say that awful four-letter word you must here I go diet !

There’s no way to avoid it. Your doctor may give you certain things to help you.

The exercise will undoubtedly firm your muscles, and make your dieting a bit easier—and you’ll look better.

But diet is the basis of every obesity cure. It needn’t be a horrible diet. In fact, I have some very good ideas about diet that I believe will help you. But diet is indicated!

One doctor told me, “Ninety-eight per cent of obesity is based on bad eating habits,” and another doctor pre¬scribes medication when needed—plus a high-protein diet.

You’ll hear more about diet and exercise—but make up your mind, here, that you’ll have to accept them.

But you’ll eat well—and live well. You won’t starve, and you won’t be hungry.

As obesity can be a problem that can be overcome mentally some doctors have tried hypnosis successfully.

One doctor, who was a stage performer and held a degree in psychology, has been using hypnosis successfully to cut women’s weight.

He puts his “patients” to sleep, telling them they will no longer want fattening foods when they awaken. He says he can cure appetites for tobacco and liquor, too. You don’t need hypnosis! You can con¬vince yourself of your need for high-protein, rich in vitamin foods, and cultivate an understanding of them and a taste for them on your own.

Another doctor reduced many patients by making them learn the foods that were good for them, and planning with them a sensible diet of fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and eggs that they liked and understood.

One of New York’s fine physi¬cians, who has helped his patients on diets lose many, many pounds, believes that you can’t say to a patient that he must cut out certain foods—even if he should go with¬out them.

That will just make him crave the foods all the more. He believes, with all of the other physi¬cians I spoke to, that his patients should go on a high-protein diet. He limits them as to calories, gives appetite depressors, explains about foods, and then tells them:

“Go ahead! Eat what you like! But you must eat very small quantities of the foods that are not for you. If you go on the way you’ve been going, you cannot get thin.


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