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Types Of Food To Avoid If You Have Gout

Gout sufferers know the pain. They may know that food causes their pain, but most do not know what and why.

Gout is inflammation of the joints caused by the excessive amounts of uric acid in the blood stream, which the kidneys are not able to filer out and are left in the blood to settle in the joints. This causes inflammation, which causes significant pain.

The uric acid is caused by purines and fat in the diet. These are the ingredients in the foods that need to be avoided.

If you are reading this you are curious about what types of food need to be avoided when someone has gout. That is commendable that you are looking to a holistic approach. There are specific types of food to that you should not put on your plate.


Meats should be avoided because of the high fat content. Beef, pork, and organ meats are high on the list in the meat group. Some find that chicken does not have enough fat to cause an affect, and some find that it does. When making food choices, keep that in mind.

It is not the protein in the meat that causes the pain. It is the fat, which reacts like the purines in other foods. This is why some have found that beef jerky does not cause them gout pain. It appears to have less of a concentration of fat.


Typically people do not think of vegetables as causing gout and many nutritionists would shudder if they heard us say to avoid any vegetables. Americans typically do not eat enough vegetables. However, there are some people who do need to give up some vegetables due to their high level of purines. These foods are such items as mushrooms, corn, and potatoes. There are not a lot of vegetables on the list but these are foods that need to be avoided.

Interestingly, beans and lentils are also very high in purines and should be avoided at all times. These foods have high levels of purine, which starts the painful reaction.


Dairy is on the list of foods to avoid because of the high fat content. Most dairy products are made from whole milk and contain high levels of fat. This is a group of foods that need to be avoided if someone has gout. Any dairy product that is made from whole milk, and whole milk itself should be avoided. That includes ice cream, cheese (any kind made from whole milk), and butter.

Other Foods

Under this list we will cover yeast and alcohol. These are foods that should be avoided. The difficult thing is that these can be in foods without our knowing it, especially the yeast. This means that you will need to read every label.

What To Do

When reviewing all these types of foods that cause gout, you may be wondering if there is anything else gout suffers can eat. The answer is yes. However, knowing what to avoid is very important. The difficult thing is to avoid these as ingredients in processed foods.

There are some doctors who now say that vegetables, which contain purines, do not need to be avoided. However, the evidence that purines do cause the uric acid is enough to warrant avoiding all foods, which contain the purines.

No one disagrees that meats are the worst offenders, and specifically the organ meats. However, the gout suffer who wishes to alter their diet to make significant changes should perhaps include the vegetables that also contain purines.

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