Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Two Dietary Supplements That Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

weight lossBy now everyone on the planet knows that the secret to weight loss is eating healthy and burning more calories than you actually ingest. While this sounds pretty easy and straightforward it may actually be far more difficult than you think. However, there are two dietary supplements when included as part of a healthy eating plan may actually help you to lose weight.

Keep in mind that these two supplements are not diet pills, and are not meant to be, they are supplements that help your body get nutrients that it needs and in doing so may help in preventing hunger pangs, the storing of fat, and help increase energy all of which helps you to lose weight. These two dietary supplements are omega 3 fish oil supplements and bee pollen supplements.

Omega 3 fish oil supplements can help you weight in several ways. First, the Omega 3 fatty acid known as DHA prevents prefat cells from becoming fat cells. Second, studies show that people who take fish oil on a regular basis have slight increases in their metabolism. Any increase in metabolism will help to burn calories faster which is a huge help when trying to lose weight.

Third the omega 3s in fish oil supplements also seems to help reduce the levels of insulin. Insulin is a substance in the body that results in the storage of fat and prevents the fat all ready store in fat cells from being used for energy. By decreasing the insulin and the calories you consume and increase exercise which helps to burn calories you can take off more weight than without reducing that insulin.

Bee pollen also may help you to shed those extra pounds when you take these supplements as part of an overall healthy weight loss plan. Scientists have long suspected that chemical imbalances in the body may result in excess appetite which results in those hunger pangs you often feel. Those hunger pangs may well be your body’s way of telling you that it not getting enough of certain nutrients to function as it should. However, most people respond to these hunger pangs by simply giving the body more food which may or may not contain the right nutrients adding calories your body may not need.

Because bee pollen and bee pollen supplements contain every single nutrient that your body needs to maintain life and health these supplements can supply your body with the nutrients it craves without adding significant calories in doing so. Over time, once your body gets all the right nutrients the hunger pangs and your appetite is reduced leaving your hunger to be satisfied while consuming less calories. Eating less without feeling hunger makes for more successful weight loss.

In addition, bee pollen supplements have been shown to increase energy levels which may result in you choosing to exercise a few more minutes a day which will also result in faster weight loss because you will be burning more calories.

It’s nice to know that rather than taking those synthetic weight loss pills that can have a negative impact on your health you can take healthy dietary supplements that will increase your overall health and help you to shed those unwanted pounds.

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Updated: August 18, 2013 — 1:11 pm

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