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The Truth About Abs Review

The Truth About Abs review is written by Mike Geary who is a personal trainer and a nutritionist. I have reviewed hundreds of diet and weight loss programs, and have read hundreds of clinical and scientific studies in the last 15 years, and to be completely honest, I was actually very impressed by the nutritional information that Mike delivers in his program.

But, without a doubt, the “real strength” of The Truth about Abs is in the exercise and fitness strategy that it provides. Mike Geary knows his stuff when it comes to developing a pair of “six pack abs” in the shortest time possible using a few simple and effective routines.

While in my opinion, The Truth About Abs “strength” is in the exercise and fitness section, if working out is not “your cup of tea” you can still create some “impressive” fat loss results using “only” his nutrition strategy!

While, losing unwanted body fat without exercise does take a lot longer, it is still possible if you watch what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat! The simple truth is that not everyone wants to use exercise on a regular basis, and because of this an effective weight loss system “must have” a nutrition approach that will work without exercise.

The Truth About Abs delivers this high quality “proper nutrition” strategy, and in addition to this provides a fool-proof fitness and workout routine. This is why I highly recommend Mike’s program to anyone that wants to create a lean, healthy body with a flat, sexy stomach!

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Updated: August 24, 2013 — 3:27 am

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