Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Top Five Tips For Easy Weight Loss

Go on....enjoy yourself!

Go on….enjoy yourself!

Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes patience, dedication and a whole lot of willpower. Yet thankfully, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as many of us who have tried, and failed, perceive it to be.

Crash diets are out. Simple lifestyle changes are in. Here are my five top tips for effortless weight loss.

5. Enjoy Your Food

Who would’ve thought it? You can enjoy your food and lose weight…….wow, count me in!.

For starters, stop thinking ‘diet’. These tips are all about lifestyle changes – they’re not about depriving yourself of enjoying the odd tasty treat.

However, when I say ‘enjoy your food’ what I’m referring to is where and when you eat. Turn the TV off, sit down at the table and really think about what you’re eating.

This newfound appreciation for food will reduce the amount you eat overall. Instead of absentmindedly stuffing yourself silly, you will actually notice when you start to get full, and you’ll feel satisfied more easily.

4. Get Your Beauty Sleep

If we’re tired, we’re more prone to pangs of hunger and we’re more likely to make bad food choices. A good night’s sleep will ensure we have the energy to make it through the day without having to resort to calorie packed snacks.

3. Beat The Booze

I know, I know, it’s what few of us want to hear, but the truth is that alcohol is packed with calories and is guilty of pushing many of us past the ‘overweight’ marker.

If you’re a mid-week drinker – beat it. A couple of glasses of wine might seem harmless, but those calories do add up, and too many wines will quickly begin to show on your waistline.

Instead, save it for the weekend. You’ll enjoy it all the more and you’ll be saving the pounds in your purse as well as the ones on the scale.

If you do only drink at the weekend, take a look at what you’re drinking. Beer is packed with carbs and calories and is usually served in oversized portions. I shouldn’t need to speak for the sinful properties of a creamy cocktail.

Instead, choose wine, clear spirits and low-calorie mixers.

2. Control Your Portions

Ever wondered why you resist snacking and eat all the right things, yet the pounds still keep creeping on? Maybe the blame lies with your portion sizes.

Much of the developed world has become disillusioned with portion sizes. With many restaurant main courses housing enough food to comfortably feed two, it’s getting increasingly difficult to tell what a healthy and normal portion of food is.

There’s plenty of information online detailing what size and weight of each food group should be eaten at each meal.

Or, you could look into purchasing a ‘portion control’ plate that spells out precisely how much you should be consuming

1. Remove Temptation

For most of us, it’s not our main meals that cause us to pile on the pounds – it’s the snacks!

Remove the temptation (e.g. the ability) to snack and you should lose weight.

This means sorting through your cupboards and chucking the chocolate, the crisps, or whatever your vice may be, in the bin. (Or, if you’re feeling generous – taking them down to a local homeless shelter).

However, here’s the big one – don’t buy anymore!

Or, if it’s the office vending machine that’s guilty of widening your waistline the solution is simple – just leave the small change at home.

Updated: August 31, 2013 — 10:32 am

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