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The World's Best Ayurveda Retreat Centers

Ayurveda is a traditional form of medicine from the country of India that has been around for 5,000 years. Like traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda relies on different aspects of the human body to relieve symptoms of sickness through herbs, energy healing, yoga, and massage amongst other treatments.


Ayurveda health retreats are places where a whole range of treatments in traditional ayurvedic medicine are practiced. Like a modern hospital, a health retreat is dedicated to the healing of body, mind, and soul. Here are some of the best ayurveda health retreats in the entire world.

Not surprisingly, our first stop is the country of India. We cannot talk about the best ayurvedic retreats in the world without talking about the first retreat center ever known to have been established, the Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam located throughout India.

With eight facilities, Samajam offers all types of services from budget to luxury. Whether you go to one of their more urban centers surrounded by trees or a secluded island, you will get nothing but the best yoga, energy therapy, massages, and a full range of educational experiences with Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam.


The aptly named Ayurveda Retreat is in Coonoor, India, in the south central part of the country. The retreat offers picturesque views of the mountains and valley surrounding the complex and offers a full spectrum of ayurvedic therapies. You can even become a certified ayurveda therapist and yoga instructor on site.

Email the retreat for rates and reservations. For American visitors, you will need a passport to enter India. Relax, read a book, take yoga, and even get married at the Ayurveda Retreat.


Kerala, India, boasts a wonderful full service ayurvedic retreat that is world class. Rajah Healthy Acres says it blends the old and new. Stay in anything from a 1,500 square foot cottage to a simple single room with a cot. Become a yoga and ayurveda instructor, get a full body massage, all in the warm sunny tree-lined foothills of Rajah Healthy Acres.

Contact the staff for prices and availability. Rajah also owns Rajah Islands and Rajah Beach, also in southern India’s Kerala, to add to the luxurious retreat that feels so much like pampering but really is a healing experience.


Kerala, India boasts a haven of ayurvedica retreats, and another world-class facility is the Ayurveda River Retreat. Offering 24 guest rooms, a restaurant, and luxurious pampering, the Ayurveda River Retreat is serious pampering at its best.


We finally get to the United States, and the dean of ayurveda in America is Deepak Chopra. With one retreat center at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California and another in New York City, both offer a full range of ayurvedic services.


Finally we come to the middle of America and Milwaukee’s Kanyakumari Ayurvedic Education and Retreat Center. With a full staff, you can get just about everything here in America as you can in India.


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