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The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal Review

The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal is the best diet journal I could find at Barnes & Nobles bookstore. I browsed through more than a dozen before deciding on The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal, which sold for $16.95.

When using a weight loss diary or food journal, it’s important to avoid common pitfalls associated with journaling to lose weight.

In other words, make sure you are on the right diet for your body type before recording everything you eat. Also, make sure you know how much and when you need to eat.

Here are some of the great features of the weight loss journal that I plan to use for maintenance and for staying within my ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) range for the next 16 weeks.

No. 1: The front of The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal includes a weight loss progress chart. You write your starting weight and then record your weight at the end of each week. Of course, if you are wondering how often should I weight myself when dieting, the answer is still every day. But you only need to record once a week. Their progress chart is very motivating.

How to use a food diary/weight loss journal to maintain your weight

Once you reach your target weight, you can use the progress chart to stay within the healthy range for your BMI. Write the low healthy BMI at the bottom of the chart and the high BMI at the top of the chart and then record the movement within that range while maintaining.

No. 2: The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal includes daily goals achieved stickers that say, “I did it.” It may sound childish, but it’s kind of fun! Maybe you don’t need positive reinforcement, but sticker charts aren’t just for kids.

No. 3: The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal includes a section on assessing your current fitness level. You can record all kinds of figures such as your blood pressure, body composition and inches. The journal does include a BMI risk chart so you know your healthy range. For a person who is 5 feet tall, for example, the healthy weight range is 97 to 118 pounds. A woman who is 5 feet tall who weighs more than 148 is considered obese. Of course, people who are taller may weigh more. (add about 4 pounds for every inch taller than 5 feet).

No. 4: The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal helps you calculate your BMR or basal metabolic rate. That’s the rate that reflects how many calories you burn each day before doing any exercise. To calculate the BMR you would take 655 and add (4.3 x your weight in pounds) plus (4.7 X your height in inches) minus (4.7 times age in years).

No. 5: Finally, the Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal gives you a place to record your diet as well as your fitness journal. For the diet journal page, you can record breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. On the opposite page you record your cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility or relaxation exercise. I love it because it gets you thinking about the three components of exercise.

Finally, you record your total calorie intake minus your calories burned which equals net calories. Then you subtract the MBR (Basal Metabolic Rate) from the net calories for the day to figure out your daily net calorie gain or loss.

If you have a bad day, you can adjust for the next day and not ruin your weekly goals.

A monthly progress section allows you to see how far you came. Of course, there’s room for a reward sticker as well as a photo of how great you look.

I give the Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal 4.8 out of 5 stars. The only thing missing is perhaps a section to record you felt when you ate or the time of day. So I don’t recommend this diet journal if you are an emotional eater who needs help overcoming a food addiction. If you do a lot of exercise and want to lose a few pounds and maintain, I highly recommend The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal by Alex A. Lluch and published by WS Publishing Group.

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Source: The Ultimate Diet and Fitness Journal

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