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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Trouble With Dieting – Fat Traps And How To Avoid Them

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There are common mistakes people make when they diet and start an exercise program.

1) Not eating breakfast

Many would-be dieters fail because they skip breakfast thinking they’ll lose more weight. WRONG! By not eating breakfast and not kick-starting your metabolism your body will go into fat-storing mode – you’ll actually stay fat. Skipping breakfast will leave you feeling sluggish and you may be tempted to snack on the wrong foods.

Even if you’re a morning runner, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to digest some fruit juice or a smoothie. Breaking your fast is a MUST!

2) Drinking hidden calories

Following on from the previous section, fruit juice and smoothies are a great part of anyone’s diet regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight. The mistake is not paying attention to the calories in them and when we’re talking drinks it somehow becomes easy to not count the calories in them. Be aware of your calorie intake from fluids.

Watching out for hidden calories also applies to sports drinks. That’s not to say they don’t have their place. They’re a hidden danger though if you’re trying to lose weight. They tend to be high in carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars and if you get too much of that, it’ll be stored as fat. As someone who is trying to lose weight through running, sports drinks are best avoided.

3) Watching TV while eating / distractions

This may seem a strange thing to include in this list but eating while you’re watching television is a sure-fire way to eat too much. If you’re distracted while eating you’re much more likely to eat too much. Give the TV a break and give your attention to fuelling your body in the right way. The same applies to sitting in front of the computer.

4) Being overly restrictive

Depending on where you are now you may have to make some changes to your diet. Making sensible changes is fine, however, if you’re too strict you may trip yourself up. Eat well most of the time and you can still treat yourself to some dark chocolate or other indulgence. The key is moderation. If you try to follow that rule, you’ll achieve your weight loss goal and still be able to exercise effectively meaning you’ll feel amazing!

5) Low-fat foods

Low fat foods may have their place however you do need to be smart and read the labels. Low-fat foods may well be low in fat but they can be high in calories due to added sugar used to improve taste. Use low-fat alternatives by all means but don’t make them the mainstay of your diet. Look for real food instead.

6) Over-snacking

Your snacks are there to stop you from feeling hungry between meals and they’re a perfectly acceptable part of a diet. However, the fact you have identified something as a ‘snack’ does not mean it comes without a cost. If you’re using nuts as a snack, that’s fine but measure them out. If you’re having potato chips put some in a bowl so that you don’t eat the whole bag.

7) Eating too much after you run

This tends to be more of a problem after your long run or a higher intensity workout. Because your metabolism gets a real boost, you tend to feel quite hungry. This doesn’t always happen right away. You may be like a lot of people who need a while for everything to settle and then you end up eating for more than you need. The answer is to eat a small amount once your stomach is sufficiently settled and then eat appropriately.

8) Processed foods

Processed foods and convenience foods tend to be high in fat, sugar and salt. They can also include trans-fats. Fast foods in particular can be high in trans-fats. Other things to watch for a processed or ready-made foods such as such as frozen waffles, microwave popcorn and muffins.

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