Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Nutrisystem Diet: the Really Healthy Way to Diet

In today’s really fast-paced world where convenience is the name of the game, a diet program with no hassle could arrive right in your doorstep, so when the doorbell rings, it might not be the pizza delivery boy but your diet meal for the day.

The NutriSystem Diet, first and foremost, is a healthy diet and its diet plan was conceived way back in 1972. The diet plan of this program doesn’t make one doing all the planning, preparing, buying, cooking and proportioning of the meals that one would be consuming. Instead, one would simply and conveniently choose among a line up of foods/meals/entrees/desserts available (more than 120), inform the people behind NutriSystem and wait for your meals to be delivered to you. The meals come in small bags that are microwave-ready, so you could just pop them inside the microwave, wait for some minutes and voila! Your diet meal right in front you. No sweat.

The NutriSystem Diet, because of the recurring changes in lifestyle and eating patterns of man throughout the years, had its diet plan adjusted to suit the needs of the modern people and thus, in 2008 the NutriSytem Advanced plan was introduced to the public and it concentrates on the following:

  • Carbohydrates (55%)
  • low-sodium meals (with only 1,800 milligrams of sodium consumed in a day)
  • whole grains (abundant servings)
  • fruits and vegetables (six servings)
  • high-fiber foods
  • protein-rich foods (25%)
  • omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber added on meals for a better heart
  • fat (20%)

The NutriSytem Advanced plan allows one to have five meals in a day, so one would not starve him/herself to lose weight. Its meal plan is generally divided in to two:

  • 1,500 calories : men
  • 1,200 calories : women

Not recommended are:

  • processed foods
  • white bread
  • alcohol

The NutriSystem Diet also requires one to get involved with physical activities as it also offers fitness plans from basic fitness workouts to yoga. There are also other great features of this diet that are obtainable at Diet Fads.

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