Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Newest Extreme Cereal Dieting: Does it Work?

Have you been hearing or reading about “extreme cereal dieting”? Claims that people can lose as much as 14 pounds a week, or more, are usually very hard to believe. My friends and I decided to try this new approach to find out for ourselves if we could achieve safe weight loss without starving or feeling lethargic and weak.

What Do You Eat?

The plan is supposed to work if you pick 3 different cereals to consume, and two of those choices must contain about 5 grams of fiber and at least 7 grams of protein, per serving. If you alternate your cereal choices, you get loads of vitamins and minerals, because most cereals are fortified with them. Your portion size should be about 2/3rds of a cup of cereal and an ounce of fat-free milk.

You may drink as much water as you wish, and you may have healthy snacks such as peaches, apples, oranges, and fresh vegetables. The diet recommends that you have at least three healthy snacks a day, and along with fruit they advise eating peanut butter (about one tablespoon), raisins, almonds, and other healthy foods which are low in fat content.

Then for dinner, the diet recommends a small portion of lean beef, chicken, or salmon, with baked potato, fat free cheese or cottage cheese, and a salad (about 1 ½ cup). Only lite salad dressings (1 Tbs.) and cooking sprays should be used, along with lemon juice or low- fat sour cream to enhance food flavors.

Why Does this Plan Work

The plan works because cereal is satisfying. You’re eating less and yet you don’t feel hungry for the simple reason that the vitamins and fiber in this food gives you a full feeling, as well as supplying increased energy and faster metabolism. Cereal is easy to fix, inexpensive, and you can have different kinds, so you don’t get bored. Many people chose cereals they really like, such as Kashi Golean and Total, but you can also choose fruity and sweet cereals like Lucky Charms or Honey Nut n’ Oats, and the sugar satisfies your sweet tooth. With a variety of choices, its easier to stay with this diet. Weight loss results are immediate and this keeps you motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

Other cereal diets you may have read about, did not allow you to have a variety of choices, and having the same high fiber content twice a day, often would negatively affect the balance needed by the body for a certain small amount of carbohydrates, iron and zinc. Too much fiber can actually block the body’s ability to absorb some nutrients. Mixing 3 different kinds of cereals, when two of them have whole-grains, vitamins and minerals, burns the fat while keeping the dieter healthy.

What are the Expected Weight Loss Results?

After thirty days on the diet, I have lost 12 pounds. My favorite cereal choices have changed once, because I switched to granola clusters for more taste, and at times, when I don’t feel like eating in the morning, I have had a whole grain breakfast bar, instead of a bowl of cereal and milk. I’m not sure if you can make that kind of substitution, but it worked for me. My friend Pat found that she does have more energy. She has lost 10 pounds, and feels motivated to continue, by wearing jeans that had not fit her in two years.

What are the Unexpected Weight Loss Results?

What my younger friends have found is that for them, weight loss is even faster. Natasha lost eight pound the first week, and Carolyn lost 18 pound before the first thirty days was up, and they are keeping the weight off.

Eating a healthy dinner of lean meats, fish and vegetables is reducing our chances of having heart or circulatory problems, diabetes, and cancer. While it may be our vanity that makes us try this diet, we need to be proactive about our health, and with this cereal diet, its possible to have it all, a great shape and a healthy body.

One more Hint

It’s easy to get into a routine with this diet and by the dinner hour, you might be thinking, ok, I’ve had less than 600 calories, now I can eat dinner without guilt. You can, but don’t overdo. Stick to the portion sizes and don’t forget to have healthy snacks and to drink a good amount of water…six glasses at least. Remember, your total consumption of caloric intake is 1,400, so read the labels on condiments, cheeses and salad dressings, even if they have the “lite” label on them. Good luck!

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