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The Mayo Clinic Diet Plan: Healthy Nutrition and Exercise

Mayo Clinic recently published a diet book, titled The Mayo Clinic Diet, which offers a healthy approach to weight loss and healthy living. The diet plan has two phases, Lose It! And Live it!. The Mayo Clinic Diet emphasizes healthy nutrition physical activity for weight loss and good health.

According to the Mayo Clinic, this is the first diet book published by Mayo, although there have been fad plans that claimed to come from Mayo. Bogus diets that claimed to be connected to Mayo include the cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet and event the bacon diet. These diet were not recommended by Mayo, but their popularity told the medical clinic that people were hungry for a plan from the medical clinic.


The Mayo Clinic Diet has a two phase approach: Lose It! Live It. The Lose It! Phase is a two week phase designed for quick results. The Live It! Phase is designed for weight lose at a healthy rate of one to two pounds a week. The Mayo Clinic Diet also helps you to explore your inner motivations, to keep you on track in your weight loss efforts.

Mayo has long been a reliable source for medical information, so The Mayo Clinic Diet offers solid advice based upon medical research. At its core is a nutrition and exercise plan, which is the base of the most balanced weight loss plans.

The nutrition plan includes a healthy balance of all the food groups, with the emphasis on nutrient rich fruits and vegetables. The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid is used a guideline for the diet. The base of the pyramid contains the food that we should eat the most of. In the Mayo food pyramid the bottom contains fruits and vegetable. The plan allows an unlimited number of fruit and vegetable servings. As a minimum, we should eat three fruit servings and four fruit servings a day, according to the Mayo pyramid. The pyramid also recommends four to eight carbohydrate servings and three to seven protein/dairy servings. The top of the pyramid allows 75 calories of sweets.

The Mayo Clinic Diet also emphasizes the importance of physical activity, which revs up the metabolism, burns calories, increases circulation and offers a number of health benefits. Physical activity is defined as any activity that gets the body moving, including housework, gardening and shopping. Physical exercise is defined as repetitive movements of constant activity, including walking, swimming and and riding a bicycle. The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid recommends getting 30 to 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity or rigorous exercise most days of the week.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a balanced plan that contains healthy eating, physical activity and exercise. The Mayo Clinic Diet Book offers a plan to change your lifestyle to reach a healthy body weight.

Resource: The Mayo Clinic Diet

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