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The Mayo Clinic Diet Book Review

The prestigious Mayo Clinic has joined the popular crowd and has finally published their first ever diet book, The Mayo Clinic Diet. Which one can purchase now.

In this book, the researchers drew from their thousands of patients and what habits finally helped them on their road towards a healthy weight. The book is not about drastic changes or fads. It shows how common sense and healthy eating are the only tools we need to loose the weight.

What does the book promise us? It promises us that we can easily loose 8 pounds in the first two weeks according to its diet expert Donald Hensrud and it can do this by incorporating two easily understood phases.

Phase one is called the Lose it phase. Here is a brief summary of how it works.

For two weeks, the followers of the diet are suppose to add five healthy habits to their routines. These can be easy to follow habits such as: eating breakfast (which can keep us full, and help us to boost our metabolism), and by breaking unhealthy habits such as drinking a can of soda with our lunch. The followers are also suppose to add five bonus habits to their routines such as: keeping a journal of what they eat each day (this food journal is a way in which you can gauge what you really eat and what healthy foods you need to add and what unhealthy foods you need to cutback on daily).

Phase two is called the Live it phase.

The live it phase is the phase in which you continue to incorporate the good habits of the lose it phase into your daily life. This phase is suppose to last indefinitely, thus one will slowly continue to loose weight.

The best part is that you don’t have to count calories. You just need to learn proper portion size and learn to stop eating when you are actually full.

Although the live it phase, is suppose to continue indefinitely, don’t berate yourself when you do find yourself indulging. This will happen occasionally. You are human, besides a little indulgence is okay, as long as it is not daily.

Could the Mayo Clinic Diet Book help you with your diet goals? To learn more about the book, you can check out the Mayo site at: mayoclinic.com/health/mayo-clinic-diet/WT00016 or check out Amazon.com which currently sells the book for $25 and holds a five star rating.

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