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The Diet Solution SCAM

The Diet Solution ProgramThe Diet Solution Scam

The Diet Solution Program Review is a popular set of 6 ebooks that are sold for $39.95. With the purchase of the ebooks, the buyer receives “The Diet Solution Program Manual”, “Insider Secrets for the Ultimate Fat Burning Workout”, “Fit Yummy Mummy Fit Fast 4 Week Workout”, “Turbulence Training Amazing Abs”, “The Hidden Truth About Cholesterol Lowering Drugs”, “The Diet Solution Quick Start Guide”, and “The Diet Solution Recipes.” The author has claimed that these materials come at a total value of $209.93, but that they can be attained for only $39.95. The ebooks are available for immediate download after the secure payment has been made.

The Diet Solution Program Books is based centrally around the concept of insulin control. The author claims that going through many of the same steps that a diabetic would to control their insulin will also lead to the fat loss that non-diabetics desire. Based on that information, the author is confident that readers will see significant weight loss when they begin the program. The guide purchased with the package also contains information reportedly debunking many other weight loss techniques. The guide provides facts that challenge the effectiveness of health food and organic food. In addition, the guide features a technique for determining your personal metabolism, which is intended to help the reader choose what foods will be best for their diet program.

The “Quick Start Guide” is also included with the initial purchase of the package. The Quick Start Guide summarizes the principles of the Diet Solution Program. The Quick Start Guide is advertised as taking only 15 minutes to read, with the intention of getting the reader up and running with their new diet program.

The “Insider Secrets for the Ultimate Fat Burning Workout” is a guide to proper work outs that are supposed to complement your weight loss regimen.

The information contained within is focused on creating high intensity cardio work outs that are geared toward fat burning.

“Fit Yummy Mummy Fit-Fast 4-Week Workout” is geared toward mothers with limited time to spend in the gym. The guide reportedly establishes a work out regimen that event the busiest mother can find time for. If the regimen is followed, the author claims that the reader’s metabolism should remain in high fat burning mode.

The “Turbulence Training for Amazing Abs” is a guide that is geared toward creating the best possible conditions for fat burning during a cardio workout. The guide claims to make the reader’s ab work outs more efficient, therefore maximizing effect and minimizing time spent in the gym.

“The Hidden Truth about Cholesterol Lowering Drugs” is reportedly written by a pharmaceutical expert, claiming that cholesterol controlling drugs are actually putting the patient at grave risk. Ellison, the author of the report, claims that the drugs prescribed to millions of Americans are actually increasing their risk of early death.

“The Diet Solution Recipes”, also included with the original package, contains a list of the author’s favorite recipes that follow along with the overall diet plan. The recipes contained in the guide are billed as creative and fun recipes that taste great.

Feedback on the Diet Solution Program has been primarily positive, with reviews on outside websites offering mostly praise for the diet. The author, Isabel De Los Rios, claims to have used the diet herself to lose around thirty pounds. Isabel also claims that her mother used the Diet Solution Program as well, leading her to lose weight, walk once again, and go off her insulin medication.

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