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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Dangers of the Yo-Yo Diet

The dangers of a yo-yo diet are plentiful. This is common sense knowledge to all who have suffered from the inability to adhere to a diet plan in order to receive the full rewards of their diet. There are many reasons why people begin a diet, only to quit it soon after. Here are a few reasons as well as some personal experience of mine that should be viewed as a cautionary tale in order that you will avoid such mistakes in the future.

First, I did not eat only when I was hungry, but rather when I was worried or bored. I was an emotional eater. When I was stressed out at work, I would eat massive quantities of food; usually junk food of some sort or another. In some of the same ways in which one seeks the mass consumption of alcohol in order to drown out their worries, while at the same time, never fixing the problem but only postponing its results coming to fruition, I too sought food as a form of escapism.

Needless to say, this did not work and the only result that I did achieve was that I began to gain unwanted pounds of fart. This made me even more frustrated about my current condition in life and as a result, I just began to eat more as a way to escape from the problems that I needed to face head on. This was a downward spiral which many people never do find themselves out of and who wake up one morning with an extra 50, 100 or even 200 extra and unwanted pounds of fat. Usually, the extra weight makes the individual even more physically docile, thus exponentially impeding the ability to lose the weight.

The dangers odf the yo-yo diet are present on many levels as it attacks the dieter on more than one front. Both your physical and mental health is affected by the yo-yo diet. Therefore, it would behoove the individual to adhere to a diet plan that is not impossible to complete, yet yields positive and healthy results for those who are able to see the diet to its rightful completion.

99% of us do not a personal trainer to help us get into shape. Therefore, we usually find ourselves as the authority figure within our own lives. This can be a bad thing because when we want to stop because something is too hard and does not yield the desired results in the desired time, we quit. It is said that people in glass houses, cannot throw stones. Therefore, I cannot be too critical of those who have experienced their fair share of yo-yo diets. However, one is only to blame if they continue on that destructive path towards diet apathy and simply quits. The dangers of a yo-yo diet are plentiful indeed.

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