Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Benefits of HCG Shots for Weight Loss

#23While most of us do not like the idea of receiving an injection, there are significant benefits to receiving hCG shots for weight loss that are effective for both men and women.

As an effective weight loss program, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) shots have been very successful at dropping unwanted pounds and inches. This is important because over two thirds of every adult in the United States is either obese or overweight.

HCG shots for weight loss use the same hormone produced by pregnant women within their first trimester. Even though this is a female hormone, it is highly effective in men too. To be successful, the injections must be used in conjunction with a very low calorie diet (VLCD). This will ensure that the body preserves muscle mass and only converts fat into energy.

Because hCG is so effective at releasing fat from the stored fat cells into the bloodstream, individuals on the weight loss program tend to have minimal appetite. This is the result of heavy amounts of stored energy already floating in the bloodstream, which avoids the natural trigger to eat.

Lose up to Two Pounds Every Day

Most dieters on the hCG shots for weight loss protocol report losing between one and two pounds every day. Additional factors that can quicken the weight loss of any individual include is the added vegetables and salads consumed during the meal. This is important because fiber intake also intakes water. The additional water will naturally flush out stored body fat to help maximize weight loss.

Over time, within six weeks, the body will naturally develop its own immunity to the hormone. Therefore, individuals wanting to lose over 40 pounds typically perform numerous sessions lasting six weeks on, then six weeks off, before beginning the series again.

Dr. Simeon developed the hCG protocol back in the 1960s in Rome, Italy. He recognized that injecting small quantities of hCG into the body released stored body fat that would convert into energy when required. Because of that, he incorporated the VLCD (very low calorie diet) to be used in conjunction with the hCG shots for weight loss.

The doctor noticed that the release of excessive amounts of fat storage in the bloodstream where naturally absorbed and supplied nutrients required by the body. Since then, hundreds of thousands of hCG dieters have reported appearing slimmer and feeling great health without any negative health risks they experienced when being overweight.

Why the Low Calorie Diet?

The hCG shots for weight loss or so effective because it causes the hypothalamus to mobilize fat from fat storage locations to make it available for use. The body recognizes there is a significant caloric intake drop and begins converting the fat in the bloodstream into energy. This helps minimize the amount of calorie intake every day. Because the bloodstream is filled with released fat, the hCG dieter has no noticeable signs of appetite.

There are significant benefits to taking hCG shots for weight loss. Individuals that have become healthier within weeks are able to maintain their weight loss for years.

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