Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

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Tips To Control Obesity

Overweight is not only a cosmetic problem, but it may also lead to some serious diseases. You need to remember that weight loss cannot be achieved overnight and it is a gradual process that requires a combination of planned diet, healthy lifestyle and physical exercise. Weight loss diet chart can help you to get rid […]

Find Your Ideal Body Weight

Every body is different. Knowing what your ideal body weight is is a great way to obtain maximum health and create a realistic guideline for what weight you should be for your body type. Knowing what a person SHOULD weigh is more detailed than just calculating a person’s height and comparing the height to a […]

Choose a healthy lifestyle.

Despite being in the healthcare profession, many of us fail to make consistent, healthy choices. Research evaluating the physical activity behavior, fitness, knowledge, and use of behavior modification techniques by internal medicine residents revealed below-average fitness levels and inadequate knowledge sufficient for patient counseling for a majority of participants (Rogers et al., 2006). Similarly, only […]

How to Attain Emotional Health

Training the mind to affect certain self development acts is very important for anyone interested in attaining any kind of emotional health. The mind body and soul are interconnected together in order to affect functions in the body. An individual mental health determines how best they achieve any goal in their lives. There are quite […]

Healthy Eating and Healthy Diet

Most people don’t realize that a diet is an integrated program consists of healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, and healthy activities. People are consuming diet pills or using extreme diet measures to achieve a certain body shape or weight without knowing that ways they are using are unsafe and may be hazardous to their health. On […]

Balanced Diet, Exercise Habits Learned at Hilton Head Health Help Woman Overcome Type 2 Diabetes Without Resorting to Medication

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (PRWEB) December 22, 2011 For 35 years, Hilton Head Health (H3) has helped thousands of Guests not only shed the pounds but lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and even manage their diabetes through its proven Healthy Lifestyle™ Program. Recent H3 Guest, Karen McCarty, is one of many who’ve benefited […]

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