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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

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Legacy Modernization For Insurance

We recognize that the key to modernizing legacy systems is retaining the business process knowledge and data embedded in the systems and simultaneously enabling those systems to work with new applications. We know that each business is different and that our approach to modernizing your legacy systems needs to be flexible. Our Legacy Framework helps […]


Rosemary Luquire, RN, PhD, has been named chief nursing officer for BHCS BHCS Baylor Health Care System (Texas)BHCS Bore Hole Compensated Sonic (well logging tool for oil & gas)BHCS Big Head Club Society . Dr. Luquire came from St. Luke’s St. Luke’s or St Luke’s can refer to: St Luke’s, a district of London; St […]

Integrity Health Coaching Solutions Releases New EZ Coach System Upgrade

Manchester, New Hampshire (PRWEB) November 25, 2013 Integrity Health Coaching Solutions has recently upgraded its EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System to facilitate more medical practitioners and health care providers. With the increasing demand to deliver health care at a cost Integrity has made some changes in the system that incorporate metrics that show health improvement. […]

***Holistic Mental Health Counseling

Holistic mental health counseling is a new and growing field based in traditional mental health wisdom, herbal and nutritional medicine and many other integrative therapies. Holistic mental health care is a total person approach that includes all aspects and layers of an individuals life. Most holistic mental health professionals believe that real and lasting healing […]

The SOAP format enhances communication: the SOAP format provides a clear and concise way of documenting patient information.

The SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment/analysis, plan) format was derived from the problem-oriented medical record (POMR) proposed by Lawrence Weed in 1968. (1) It was developed in 1969 and presented as a guide to medical professionals for collecting and organising patient data. (2) The method was proposed to improve documentation of patients’ presenting concerns and health […]

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