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Surprising Diet Food


Where does diet food come from? You might think it is necessary to order all of your healthy meals from the companies that advertise their packaged healthy eating plans on TV. Or, if you follow fad diets, you might need to shop at a warehouse club so you can buy crates of grapefruits every week. The truth is, healthy diets start in a much more convenient place. You can find all the ingredients for eating right at your local grocery store.

One common ingredient: capsaicin. Capsaicin is better known as the fire that ignites in your mouth when you eat hot red peppers. This compound can also ignite your metabolism so that it burns more calories. One researcher, Dr. Toshio Moritani (PhD) of Japan’s Kyoto University, says that the amount of capsaicin needed to achieve elevated calorie-burning can actually be consumed through healthy diets.

To demonstrate how to eat healthy for weight loss with capsaicin, Moritani fed a curried rice meal to female study participants. This dish contained 3mg of capsaicin and raised calorie-burning rates by 10%. This effect was only measured for 30 minutes, but 24 hours of a 10% increase would burn an extra 129 calories a day.

An assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen, Dr. Anita Belza, also has some expertise in this area. These two doctors agree that healthy meals made for healthy weight loss would have to include too much capsaicin for most people to handle. Adding 7 cups of coffee to daily diet plans would be effective, but it is impractical. The same is true for eating hot red peppers as a diet food all day. In fact, some studies that attempted to measure the high calorie-burning rates of capsaicin-rich diets saw participants drop out. A common result of the consumption of a large amount of peppers is an upset stomach. So is a sensitive palette.

A great strategy to achieve healthy weight loss success is to incorporate all different kinds of diet food into healthy eating plans, taking advantage of the benefits of each ingredient. Capsaicin can be combined with caffeine, green tea, and cinnamon to provide a moderate and sensible increase in calories burned every day. The role of capsaicin is to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. This ingredient offers only the positive and healthy effects.

Healthy diets involve exercising and eating right, and can be enhanced by Prograde Metabolism. This convenient capsule uses hot red pepper, caffeine, green tea, and cinnamon to provide you with healthy weight loss support.

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