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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Soza Clinic Offering Free Nutritional Counseling Session To State Employees in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Soza Clinic, a health and weight loss clinic, is offering every state

employee in Pennsylvania and New Jersey a free health assessment as part

of its Healthy Circle Campaign promoting health and wellness.

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State Employees would simply present their state ID to receive a free

nutritional counseling session along with a BMI test, and a Health


The Soza Metabolic Health Assessment checklist has helped thousands of

clients in the Philadelphia Delaware Valley not only to lose weight but

to keep it off by achieving and maintaining metabolic balance. This

Assessment will provide a snapshot of your body’s overall needs required

for weight loss and to improve your general health. The Assessment can

help the Soza Clinic medical staff in discovering underlying symptoms

that may hinder weight loss, provide support for general health

improvement, assess possible preventative health measures and provide

supplement recommendations catered specifically to their needs.

With the obesity epidemic at its highest, the Soza Clinic is taking the

initiative to educate and motivate people to improve their health. As

part of its social justice campaign, the Soza Clinic team sees an

essential need to help educate and promote awareness to the many

variables that cause weight gain. Many are unaware of simple measures

that can help with weight loss and weight maintenance, such as improving

sleep, portion control, stress reduction techniques, among many. The

Soza Clinic staff, led by its board certified Top Doc Internal Medicine

physicians, have seen thousands of clients throughout the Philadelphia

Delaware Valley and around the world via telemedicine to help promote a

healthy lifestyle.

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