Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Sound Weight Loss Plans: 5 Things You Should Know Before Starting a New Diet

With so many different diets out there now, it can be hard to know what makes for a sound weight loss plan when you’re setting out to reach your weight loss goals. Before you actually commit to trying any particular diet though, there’s 5 things you should know first before anything else:

Tip #1: Know how many Calories you need?
before committing to plan, make sure you know how much you’d be needing to maintain your weight, that’s the first step to knowing how much less you should eat to drop the extra pounds.

It’s pretty simple to figure this out:
Body Weight x 15 exercise time/day x 3.5
so for example, if you weigh 130 pounds and you average 10 minutes of moderate exercise per day, then you need 1950 35 = 1,985 calories.

Once you know that, any diet system that asks you to go lower than maybe 75% of that number every day is probably not going to help you lose weight and keep it off. Needlessly drastic diets DO work in the short term, but you’re almost guaranteed to rebound… even if you take a route like surgery after all, the real problem is your habits, not your body… and it takes time to change habits.

Tip #2: Secrets of weight loss, or just good diet and exercise?
Stop for a minute and think… what’s gotten you where you are today? There’s all kinds of reason, many of them not your fault, but in the end how you live decides how you look… there’s no huge shortcuts really. You’re much better off making small permanent changes in your eating and exercise habits than if you force yourself to change everything for a week, only to slide back as soon as you’re done.

People try all kinds of gimmicky things rather than trying to change old habits… before starting a new diet, ask yourself… am I working on changing how I live for the better, or am I grabbing an easy fix? If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Eat all you want, don’t exercise, and still lose weight? It’s either going to be a scam entirely, or be a method that won’t let you keep the weight off.

Tip #3: Make some new friends!.
The internet allows for all kinds of great new things… connecting with people setting out to do the same thing you are can be a great way to make the hard changes. Ultimately the real challenge and purpose of dieting after all isn’t to change your body, it’s to change your mind. Anything less than that will leave you back where you started eventually.

Peer Trainer is an amazing free service, though there’s several other good ones out there too if you look for them. Read the article below for some great ideas on how to effectively use peer trainer, and for other ideas on how to make a Sound Diet Plan.

So! Want some more detailed free advice on how to put together a good diet plan? If you’re truly serious about achieving your goals, check out how to make a Diet Plan that Works!

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