Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Simple Tricks to Burn More Calories and Fat Daily

Losing Weight

Losing Weight (Photo credits: www.mydoorsign.com)

When anybody thinks about weight loss, they automatically think about strict diets and regular exercise. This holds true but there is also another factor that people miss. That is the amount of movement they do daily. Sedentary individuals burn less calories and gain more fat.

Your diet and training regimen are not the only components to fat loss. How much you move daily matters too. Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist has stated that, “Obese people are profoundly more sedentary than lean people. They move 2.5 hours less per day than lean people, which means they burn roughly 350 fewer calories per day.”

So to maximize your fat loss, you need to move more. Let’s look at how you can do that.

You burn calories when you do household chores, yard work, walk, talk, stand, chew and even fidget. Every movement you do burns calories. So, you will need to maximize your movements for the day.

If you use the elevator, maybe you might want to take the stairs. If you slouch on the couch and watch TV, you can stand and watch. If that’s too tiring, you may sit on a Swiss ball and watch TV. By constantly adjusting yourself to balance on the ball, you will be burning calories. If you need to go to the supermarket and it’s a 20 minute walk away, go for the walk instead of using the car. The walk there and back will burn extra calories.

If you need to rake the yard, do not use a leaf blower. Go ahead and do it manually. Yes, you will sweat but you will also be burning the calories. Vacuum the house daily and mop it too. Not only will you be burning fat, but your house will be spick and span.

The best way to burn more calories is to spend less time seated in front of the TV, or laptop surfing the net. The less time you spend seated, the more time you will spend moving. Play with your kids, take the dog for a run, go to the beach for a swim, start a new activity like juggling or fire twirling. Challenge yourself and move more. It’s not all about exercise and diet.

These daily activities will also keep you on fat burning mode throughout the day. If you are constantly active throughout the day, even if you occasionally slip up on your diet, the daily activities will compensate for these slip ups.

The quality of your life will also change. Surfing the net and watching TV are very passive activities. They will dull your mind and make you more prone to lazing around. In the long run, that will mean you burn fewer calories and start piling on the pounds.

Active people also age better. Since your body is always active, you will delay the effects of aging. Your joints will be more mobile and your muscles better conditioned. You may notice several elderly people brisk walking or even jogging at the park and they seem to be in the pink of health while people much younger may seem unhealthy and out of shape.

It’s all a matter of lifestyle and personal habits. Develop good habits and you will leave a fruitful and healthy life. It’s that simple.


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